T-Dawg 2.0 & Supplements

Today I’m starting the T-Dawg 2.0 diet but instead of using Mag-10 or 4 AD-EC Iam going to use M, Red Kat, Tribex and Methoxy7. Would it be ok to use HotRox with this stack I know Chris Shugart listed it in this diet along with Mag10 & 4 AD-EC. Chris I hope you read this and respond.

I think Biotest underestimated the muscle sparing/building effects of HOT-ROX. It’s more powerful than we first thought. Since T-Dawg 2.0 is very sensible and not too extreme, I think all you need is HOT-ROX during the diet. You can use the other stuff after your diet.

In the next evolution of the T-Dawg diet (tentatively titled The T-Lean Diet), HOT-ROX will likely be the only fat loss supplement recommended.

Chris thanks for your input and for answering so quickly.

I can confirm what Chris has stated. I’ve been on the TDawg diet for 6 weeks using HotRox and Tribex (I’m 45 so I’m not giving up Tribex). Have dropped 8 pounds over that time and my strength has gone up in all lifts (squats, deads and pressing). To put that into perspective, I’ve been lifting for 3 years so we’re not talking about newbie gains in strength. BF has gone from 16% to 13%. Will continue another 6 weeks to get BF down to 10%.