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T-Dawg 2.0 question

Hi, I’m following CW’s Waterbury Summer Project program in which he recommends using the T-Dawg 2 diet to achieve fat loss. I have a couple of questions regarding carb intake in T-Dawg.

CS suggests that during training days one should eat 100 g of carbs. Should I count dietary fiber in that amount as they are carbs but most of them are not digested? What about glycerin that is not a carb (if I’ve understood correctly) even though it is listed as one in many supplements, e.g. Myoplex Carb Sense? Glycerin don’t act as a normal carb, it won’t spike insulin levels among other things. Any help appreciated! TIA!

Couple things-

First- it’s not summer anymore.

Second- count all carbs except fiber. Some people will say to count fiber, but really you don’t need to. As for the glycerin, just because it doesn’t elicit an insulin spike, doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect your insulin levels. It’s still a carb and still needs to be dealt with. Count it, but on the flip side- stay away from sugar alcohols altogether and the problem goes away!