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T-dawg 2.0 question on 500 Calorie deficit

When you go into the second week of Tdawg 2.0 and drop your maintenance calories by 500, do you drop those calories from Fat, Protein, or both.

I know the carbs would be staying in the 70/100g range.


I would drop the calories from fat first. Whenever I drop protein too low while dieting I usually lose too much lbm.

Hi, there, jhat!!!

The first thing I do when calculating macronutrient numbers is to calculate protein requirements. Multiply LBM x 1.5g, and then multiply THAT number by 4 (the number of calories per protein gram) to get protein calories.

Next calculate your carb requirments. Multiply 75g or 100g by 4 (the number of calories per carb gram).

Add the two numbers above (protein calories and carb calories) and subtract them from total daily calories. The difference is the number of fat calories you need to meet caloric requirements.

On any given day, if you raise carbs, lower fat. And if you lower carbs, raise fat.

Does that answer your question? (grin)