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T_Dawg 2.0 or Another Plan?

Ok, I am 49 5’9" 204# BF 15.5% waist35" am only moderately active the times I am not lifting. I am currently doing the IM Advanced workout. However beginning this coming Monday I’llbe doing Meltdown II. I have had problems losing BF in the past perhaps from a slower metabolism due to my age. I am looking at T-Dawg 2.0 and after having done my calculations hoped someone would check them out and offer advice. My desire is reduce BF to 10-12%. Previously I was on a really low carb(less than 30G/day Protien was around 230g and fats about 90 or so) Didn’t really work so wondering if this higher fat will either.

The numbers are as follows:

Weight 204 X 14(used slightly less due to age?)= 2844

Training Days: 306g of Protein
100g of Carbs
136g of Fat

Non-Training: 306g of Protein
70g of Carbs
149g of Fat
I’ll be doing HIIT 20-30 minutes on off days.

Then as I understand it I reduce by 500K/day the next week.

Should I multiply BW by less than 14 due to my age? Or does this look good.

I’m supplementing with: CLA, ALA, Fish Oil Caps, Multi-Vitamin, C-1000, Protegra, DHEA

Hey Guys—No one has any thoughts or advice. I’d really appreciate the help.

I’m really surprised that I can’t get any help with this. Doesn’t anyone have any ideas? Pro/con whatever!!!

You don’t need anyone else’s thumbs-up to start. Try it out, track your intake and your progress, and adjust as necessary. No X lbs x Y calories formula will give you the feedback you’ll get by just trying it.

This is a three step process.

  1. Pick a solid diet program. In this case, T-Dawg 2.0

  2. Do it.

  3. Monitor how your react to the diet and adjust accordingly.

It sounds like you have things pretty well layed out. Now do it!

I think that

if you are going without a thermogenic, it’s ok. expect the fat loss to be steady and slow. U can deffinetly keep this diet for 10 weeks.

If u do have some fat loss agents in your arsenal u Can drop the calories some more IMO

hope this helps