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T-Dawg 2.0/Meltdown thread

I did my first session of meltdown this morning. Holy Shite. It only took about 30 minutes, but the intesity builds so fast into this overwhelmig exhaustive nauseated state; its ridiculous. I cant wait to start seeing the results. I’m starting T-Dawg 2 today also. I thought I’d start this thread for tips and advice for anybody else doing his program.

Just for starters, I'll share my preworkout cocktail: 1 serving Powerdrive 5g creatine 3/4 scoop orange gatorade powder 1 tblspn glycerol 500mg Vit.C 100mg r-ALA 200mg of caffiene 25mg ephedrine HCL (optional; mood dependant)

That will turn you into a freakin rocket. give it a try. Anywho, just wanted to get this going. I’m going to try and update it as often as I can. So everybody else please feel free to chime in.

Hey Hurricane, I’ve been doing Meltdown for a week, and just dropped my carbs to T-dawg 2 levels yesterday. I’ve definitely seen results (such as the reemergence of my bottom two abs) this past week, and I’m hoping the lower carbs will speed things up.

One thing about Meltdown... I was a bit weary about squatting AND deadlifting in the same workout twice a week, especially while on a hypocaloric diet. So I've substituted leg curls for deads on the day that I squat, and leg extensions for squats on the day that I dead. Anyone else make this or other substitutions, and how did they work for you?

i am currently on meltdown. i am doing the squats & deads, thats what makes it KILLER. day 1 is BRUTAL, especially when you get to 4 sets.

The 1st day I tried Meltdown Training, I was absolutely exhausted and nauseous (spelling?) for about 3 hrs afterward. After 2 or 3 workouts I began to adapt somewhat and was only exhausted and nauseous for 1 hr afterwards. I had been taking creatine and ribose (Riboforce HP) pre-workout. I finally got some Biotest supplements that I had ordered. I tried 1 serving of Power Drive and 1 scoop of Surge pre-workout and 1 scoop of Surge immediately after working out. The results were astounding. My recovery time dropped from 1 hr to 10-15 mins. I could actually drink a post-workout shake. If MAG-10 and Myostat work this well…I think that the Biotest supplements are a little pricey but well worth the money.

What is the reason for taking glycerol? I’ve heard of it being used to temporarily improve vascularity, is this your reason? Thanks.

Are you guys doing the original Meltdown, or Meltdown II?

I’m doing T-Dawg 2.0 and my own little workout emphasizing the same general principles as Meltdown. I have two workouts, performed each twice per week: Workout 1–Power Clean + Push press, incline DB press, DB shrugs, DB side raises, Dips, EZ extensions and presses. Workout 2–Squats, Deads, straight leg deads, rev. grip pull up, barbell rows, barbell curls. These are performed in a cycle, one after the other, with rest only to prep and carry weight. Rest a couple minutes after the cycle. Each workout begins with two ab exercises performed back to back for three cycles.

I did workout 1 today for the first time and did three cycles. It was tough and there was that woozy feeling for a bit afterward.

I plan to do functional/sport cardio as well–basketball, tennis, mountain biking–no treadmills or steppers, thank you…

Good thread. Stay well,

i’m doing original. except i skip the “off” days and go six straight days. sunday off.

weeks 3 thru 6 i am pm cardio.

i am currently on low carb as well.


I dont feel so bad now. I squated w/ 225 and was so tired that I was deadlifting with only 135. I seriously didnt have enough energy(OK I was bein a puss) to put a plate on each side.

I use glycerol for hydration and an endurance boost.

I am starting my third week of Meltdown today. Was a little skeptical at first, but now the fat is melting off like hot butter-and I don’t seem to be losing that much weight. Not TD 2.0 for me though, I am sticking with 30c/40p/30 fat. Seems to be working. For those of you who are doing the jumproping (I only do it once a week-twice starting this week) how long are you waiting before you take your Grow MRP? The deadlift are a crapper-I agree.

I would personally not substitute any of the exercises…there’s a reason why Meltdown works so well. Normally I cannot squat and dead in the same session either, but by the time you get to the deads you are going to be using a MUCH lower weight than you would normally use on them, unless you’re a genetic mutant or something. One of the best fat-loss programs ever created, but expect to lose some 1RM strength by the time it’s all done.

How are you all warming up for your Meltdown sessions? I’ve been doing a general warm up that includes about 5 mins on a bike, then a bit of stretching. This is followed by a specific warm up on a few of the excersises, for example on day 2 I would do one set of light push presses, one set of lunges, and about 5 dips.

Following this, I begin the first super set, and soon after forget where I am and exactly what the hell I'm doing to myself. The next thing I know, my sense of identity begins to fade, and my only thoughts are on keeping both my heart and my lunch from jumping out of my body. The session ends right before it all starts to go black.

But back to warm ups. What do you all do?

When I did Meltdown I, I did Charles Staley’s warm-up routine (Warming up to a Great Workout) with the jump rope and active stretches, and then I just did a few quick warm-up sets for the circuits.

On a side note: as hard as the squats and deadlifts were, I still hated the walking lunges more than any of the exercises.

DAY2.-.-.Started off with a 5min bike @ level10(lifecycle?). proceeded to stretch out and started to realize I was a little fatigued from yesterday. Push presses @ 95, I’ll be bumping these next workout to 115. Lunges with 50’s.dips for 10. and finally bent rows @135. whew. Todays is not nearly as nauseating as day1. I use a Polar HR monitor to train, which is a pretty informative little gadget. Heres what I can tell you: after the lunges my HR was @ 90% of max, and by the end of my first break it had only dropped 75%. end of 2nd it was at 85%. This is definitely the most intense thing I’ve done in a LOOOONG time.

I finished meltdownI about a week ago. The program leaned me a bit and added a little bit of lbm.I didn’t lose much wieght but damn if I don’t look better. I didn’t diet though, just watched what I ate. And I did lose a little streagth. Without a doubt the most intense wieght training I have done to date.