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T-Dawg 2.0 diet questions. Can anyone help?

I am going to start the T-Dawg 2.0 diet. Can someone please help me with the following inquiries? Should the calories stay the same on the carb up day? How much carbs should one ingest on the carb up day? Should fat intake be lowered when carbing up or should you just eat the same meals you eat during the week on high fat days but should simply add carbs to the meal? For instance, instead of having the high fat/high protein meal of steak and veggies, would you simply have steak, veggies and add a cup or two of rice or pasta to the meal? Or would you substitute that with a chicken breat, then add the starch on? Finally, on the carb up day, should one separate fat and carb intake as one should do on Massive Eating diets? That’s all. Thankyou to anyone who responds.

Good questions, Sarge. You could probably do it either way. In reality, though you have goal numbers (calories and protein/fat/carb grams) you’re trying to hit every day, there will be some slight variation from day to day. Since workout days are 100g of carbs and non-workout days are 70, you’re only talking 30g difference x 4 kCal = 120 kCal difference.

Even though Massive Eating and T-Dawg or both T-Mag/T-Nation diets, they were designed/written by different people and there is not always consensus, which is actually a good thing. Pick what works best for you and once you understand the logic of a program or exercise, modify things to suit your purpose. Example, even though I do low carb (not T-Dawg), I still do Berardi’s food combining. I either eat P+F or P+C.

Once again, looking over your message, the only difference in carbs is the amount on days you work out (100g) or don’t work out (70g). This allows for a post-recovery drink like Surge, which I HIGHLY recommend. If you’re not familiar with Surge, do a search on the home page and read up on it. It’s probably the single-most important part of my supplementation program.

Best of luck to you, Sarge!!!