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T-Dawg 2.0 Bulk?

Ok i had great results on t-dawg 2.0 and one thing i notice while on it that i actually made some gains while losing fat. So next week I’ll be bulking, Would t-dawg 2.0 be a good idea to bulk with to get some leaner mass without a lot of fat gain? I’m planing on raising the cals to at least 3200, but would it work?

It seems to me that if you are out for massive bulking and aren’t targeting fat loss you might want to consume more carbohydrates. There are other bulking diets on the site that might work, but I would think that if you made T-Dawg hypercaloric you might make some good gains with it.

With some people, this can work very well. Those who benefit most from this would be men and women who gain fat very easily and/or have been overweight in the past. They want to bulk, not blow up.

You basically stick to the same guidelines, but up the calories. Most carbs will still come at breakfast and post-training along with protein.

Each meal would need to be larger. This is where many on mass diets have trouble. They’ve gotten used to eating smaller, frequent meals, but on a bulking diet these meals need to be larger. Sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how many have a hard time adjusting to this.

One problem that may arise is feeling overly satiated. With steady blood sugar levels from the controlled and properly timed carb intake, plus the higher fat intake and high protein, you may find yourself full all the time. Most bulking diets that involve low carbs (mass phase of the Anabolic Diet for example, which fails for most who try it) have this problem built-in. T-Dawg 2.0 may be better however since it’s more of a moderate carb diet, not a full-on keto plan.

I would also not be afraid of bumping the carb intake from 100 to 150 or so. Play with it. See how it works for you.

You can also make a good low(er) carb mass shake consisting of Low Carb Grow!, cottage cheese (Gandy’s brand if you can get it), and natural peanut butter.

If you try this, keep us updated.

Thanks Chris… You nailed it exactly. I gain weight very easy and have been fighting with obesity for along time. Everytime i cut sucessfully and then try to bulk and end up looking like a tub of lard.
I was thinking about 150 grams of carbs also.
Do you think 50grams of high-gi before and after workout along with 50 fiberous carbs in the morning would work?
And I plan on doing OVT, do i have enough carbs from going catabolic?

i believe a t dawg bulking phase would be quite similar to massive eating… with two P+C meals instead of 3, and on workout days only?

BJJraver - Yes, a bulking T-Dawg 2.0 would overlap a lot with Massive Eating.

elnino57 - I’d suggest mixing up your whole training drink and taking it to the gym with you. Sip half of it during the workout and kill the last half as soon as you finish. This is better than doing half before starting the workout. See the “Post-Workout Resurgence” interview I did with Berardi for more info.

As for going catabolic, well, there are a lot of variables in that, not just carb intake. Just try it and see how it goes. OVT is pretty rough. Waterbury’s Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy plan would be another good choice.

Great advice CS.

As I’ve mentioned tons, I am a true fan of T-Dawg 2, and love the fact that it can be “tweaked” to better reach whatever particular goals you may have in mind at any given time.

would mag-10 or 4-ad-ec work also or is there not enough carbs to take advantage of?

bump for my previous q, curious as to whether an androgen would be beneficial.

I’m a current fatty who has made strength gains and size gains with the Tdawg diet. However, that might be because my body has plenty of fuel on it to use.

I’m doing a growth surge cycle for 2 weeks while on Mag-10. I didn’t opt for the massive eating but on my training days I increased my KCALs by 575-750 KCALs. All of this comes during my second training session. So It’s getting used in a good way.

I have been bulking on this plan. I’ve never had a problem building muscle. I’m like you with more of a problem keeping the fat off.

What I’m also doing is training my two a days in the morning and at lunch time. Then the rest of the day is protein and fats. That might help you too. I upped my carbs to 175-200 a day but with most of them consumed by 1 PM in the afternoon and all of them consumed post workout.

Just some ideas that are working for me.

Let me know how it goes.