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T-dawg 2.0 and Berardi's post workout comments? (repost)

I am wanting to lose fat and keep LBM as best as I can. I have lots of fat to drop (6’0", 215lb, 19.6%BF 9site test).

I am looking to go on Tdawg 2.0 and Tdawg 2.0 (a low carb diet) say to take Surge pre/post workout. Makes sense…

Berardi says in April newsletter for low carb diet to take only 1/2 serving of Surge or nothing at all, and only P+F meal after workout.

Which is better and what is reasoning?




What are you referring to by “April newsletter?” I’m interested in reading the article, but not quite sure what you mean. Do you mean the paper mag? If so, which issue? Thanks.

I mean the Berardi’s website:
http://www.johnberardi.com/updates/apr112003/gp_apr112003.htm when I refer to the april newsletter.