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T-Dawg 2.0 & 2x Surge



BF ~ 20%
Wt: 155 lbs
Training level: beginner

Been reading a lot of the nutrition articles on the site and am trying to put together a fat loss program. I am a bit confused, however, on the carb requirements of the T-Dawg 2.0 diet in conjunction with the for instance the double dose Surge tactic.

First off:

TD 2.0 says 100g of carbs on training days, 70 on off days. I got the impression that this is including the PWO drink of P+C. Ok, but I also read that the rest of the carbs should be spread throughout the day. If Surge contains ~ 50g of those carbs, that leaves me with 50 remaining…should that be spread evenly between breakfast and the PWO meal? Is that enough carbs for those two feeding times (25 g per meal) ?

If I lift 3 days a week, would you suggest I try post-lifting cardio on those days only (which leaves me with 4 total ‘off’ days for the week) or cardio 2x a week, which leaves me with only 2 total ‘off’ days per week? I ask for the carb cycling variable of the diet.

Obviously, if I double dose with Surge, it will cut into my ‘carb budget.’ I’m thinking I should hold off on double dosing until I can easily stick to this diet and a routine.

Speaking of routine, I was considering Waterbury’s TBT. I take it that would be a good program to try with the T-Dawg 2.0 diet? I know it’s a good mass building program and saw a few ‘fat loss’ programs recommended with T Dawg 2.0, but was wondering if TBT (I consider myself a beginner) is a good place to start in general.

Part of me thinks I should forget the fat loss altogether and focus on getting strong and keeping a solid diet (I eat extremely clean actually, just need to up the calories and meal frequency) because I am coming into a remission of an auto-immune condition I have had for a year.

I am itching to get back into shape, especially for my upcoming trip to France/Turkey this summer! I feel sloppy even though my weight loss from 175 lbs in Aug 06 to 155 lbs now was because of my illness. What do you think? Should I scrap the fat loss thinking for now and just lift/eat like a (smart) madman?

Please any clarifications if you feel I am misinterpreting the knowledge on the site. I appreciate your help.

Thank you in advance.


Would appreciate any feedback/guidance.

how you get your 20% bodyfat level?

may be if you have a pic of yourself will show better what you need(gain mass/lose fat)to do now.


I started a similar plan and thread. You can find it here:


I have been doing almost no carbs on my workout days so that all of them are coming from the double dose of Surge. Admittedly, this has been a bit of a challenge thus far and I have been getting pretty hypoglycemic after the 2nd serving.

I have been doing CW’s 10X3 for fat loss which is only a 2x per week plan, but it is all i can find time for currently. feel freed to PM me if you have other questions.