T Cypoinate Once a Week vs Twice a Week

If one takes 100ml testosterone Cypoinate once a week, what conditions usually arise that has him now decide to take 50ml twice per week. And is it common to feel the difference?

Going by online forums and most YouTube channels everyone and their mothers should be on twice a day, let alone twice a week, dosing if possible. People claim they feel more stable and no crash on trough.

In the real world most are once weekly dosing.

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This is more individual, not everyone will notice a difference, some will definitely feel a difference.

If you feel best the first 3 days of the week, then the last few days feel off or not as good, then inject twice weekly, otherwise stick to what works.

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Some of the men I’ve seen who moved from once weekly to twice weekly injections reported feeling less energetic, tired, decreased libido, “run out of gas”, “hit the wall”, “off”, “less vibrant”, etc. around the 4th to 6th day post injection. Why some and not others, difficult to say. However, moving to twice weekly dosing is easy enough.

@kazuya_mishima1 is right though, it’s only time before someone starts hyping twice daily injections. I’m just waiting for a new guy to ask about trying that. It’s already out there with newer oral treatments.

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Were these symptoms before switching to twice weekly, or after?

There’s no 4th or 6th day post injection if you’re injecting every 3.5 days

Yea, i was a little confused by this as well.

That was part of what was confusing me.

He meant that to say dudes who went to twice a week injections did so because they felt those symptoms on day 4-6 on once weekly protocol.

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It was definitely phrased ambiguously and @highpull often mentions how his patients who go to more frequent injections typically revert back to less frequent injections after a while, so I can understand the confusion.
Without the mention of 4th and 6th days post injection, I would’ve assumed he was saying that those who go to 2x/week injections end up feeling worse than on 1x/week

That was my take too. He often states most of his clients do weekly.

I just personally think that TOO stable isn’t best. Sure, your moods may be steady, but that’s not really normal. Plus, i think unstable is better for libido as well. Test fluctuates highly over the course of the day. It isn’t stable at all.


I agree, I’ve had the best results with daily Test Prop. Better mood, libido, workouts, energy, etc…way better than doing daily Test Cyp with super steady levels 24/7.

I think the problem with stability (especially if you’re at the top of the range for Free T 24/7) is that it probably leads to a greater degree of HPTA shutdown than if you let your levels fall before coming back up on a daily basis, and maybe also to Dopamine receptor desensitization, things along those lines.

Anecdotally, after 6-8 months on TRT I was starting to feel retarded despite always having had pretty good verbal fluency throughout my life. I just couldn’t think clearly and felt I’d lost 50% of my vocabulary, and this got better after a few weeks on Prop.

Could be placebo but the difference in my mood, libido, etc…was so pronounced when I switched to Prop, I think it’s unlikely


I’ll try it again. He asked why guys change from once to twice a week.

This is what they have told me prior to going to twice weekly dosing:

Hope that helps.

For the record, it’s likely more patients inject twice a week than once weekly now.

It was clear to me from the beginning based on the numbers you provided (4th and 6th day post injection) if you look at my post above the one you quoted, I was just saying that the phrasing seemed ambiguous to me too initially.

Interesting change of trend, I wonder what other changes we’ll see over the years. My own doctor switched to the compounded cream applied to the scrotum 1 year ago and hasn’t gone back to injections.
I’m trying it right now and know a few other people who are giving it a shot. I wonder how common it’ll become going forward

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Feeling really amped for days 1-3 then really low for days 4-7. Splitting helped even me out for the week

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For some, it’s constant, change is a way of life. Look around the forums, some are always trying something different, and it’s the best thing, until they move on to the next one.

Probably half of those that go from once to twice weekly go back to one. Many of the others do not feel better, but they don’t feel worse so they stick with twice. Of the new patients, many have been on the internet and they are worried about being steady, level, smooth, so they want to start taking two. Makes no difference to me, I’m fine with it.

It would be interesting to study the difference between dosing protocols, but difficult as so much of the results of TRT are subjective.


I’ve been doing this experiment for my own benefit, but when I have results I could post them here maybe. Did 120mg split EOD for 5 weeks, got labs. Then did 200mg split 2x for 5 weeks, got labs, now on 120mg same split, just did labs. Will go to 200mg once weekly next, then 120mg once weekly. Want to get a bunch of data points and see how I really feel

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I definitely feel dumber after TRT with worse memory and forgetting words and losing interest in things I used to love that were technical and scientific.


Interesting, I’ve definitely heard that from a lot of people. I’ve also lost interest in a lot of theoretical stuff and scientific stuff I used to be fascinated by (computer scientist by training). Zero interest in philosophy or anything metaphysical anymore. Some of it I think it’s a change in priorities from higher androgen levels; being more “in the moment”, overthinking things less, etc…but some of it (the impaired cognition, memory and vocabulary degradation) I think is from HPTA shutdown.

I remember those things improving when I started supplementing Pregnenolone at the time, I got off of it to test other supplements but I should get back on that. Anecdotally my DHEA-S dropped by 60% from 200 to 80 after getting on TRT (consistent on many blood tests), indicating a severe shutdown of neurosteroids production. That can’t be good long term.

Makes me wonder what kind of permanent damage we might be incurring. There are studies showing that Domapinergic neurons will start dying when deprived of Estrogen. They can be saved if Estrogen is supplemented within 10 days, but will be permanently gone after that. I think it’s partly why they say post-menauposal women will benefit less from HRT than women who start supplementing exogenous hormones they need before that kind of damage has been done.

Scary stuff…


Strange. I’ve had ADD most of my life and since starting trt, I noticed some benefit in the beginning but not enough. I asked the Dr about going back on a stimulant med but then I decided to increase the dose of T and since then, I feel more mentally relaxed, engaged, calmer, ability to focus, think, problem solving, etc, are all improved. I write quite extensively, professionally and personally and my creativity is the same as I think about it.