T Cypionate Temp for Storage

I’m new to the forum. I’ve been prescribed T cypionate by my Dr. My question is; I live in Arizona. And it’s approaching summer time. I had a power outage a few days ago. When I got home I checked the inside temperature with a digital thermometer. It was 95 degrees inside. And it was probably like that for 8 hours. Would that be enough to weaken the potency of my 10ml vial of cypionate? After that I kept it in a mini cooler wrapped in a towel for two days only while I was gone for work. When I got home I would take it out and store at proper room temp till the next day when I left again. Since its the weekend the AC has been on so I have had it stored properly. But for 3 days it was 95 degrees one day. And then 48 degrees for the two days it was in the fridge while I was at work.

Will this affect the potency? What can I do while I’m at work to maintain the proper temp. So I don’t have to leave my AC on all day? Can anyone please help. Thank you in advance.

No need to refrigerate T esters in oil. The 0,9% benzyl alcohol prevents bacteria growth. Otherwise, T and T esters are very stable. Keep in the box to prevent light exposure that can affect the vege oil base. Refrigeration would make the product difficult to load/inject as the oil would be thicker.

To add a little to what KSman said, package inserts from various manufacturers of T Cyp I found had storage temperatures of anywhere from 68 - 77 ° F to 59 - 86 ° F. No mention was made of any problems at the upper temperatures.

Keep in mind that T can precipitate out of the oil if it gets cold. If this happens, just warm it up and roll it between your hands to resuspend. I do that as a matter of course anyway to warm it a bit for easier loading and injecting.

Just think - T-cyp survives in your body at 98 degrees for weeks. (It breaks down in the body not because of the temperature but because of metabolic enzymes.)

If you want to extend the shelf life even more you can always keep it in the fridge. It won’t harm it.

Thanks to all that replied. It’s definitely reassuring.