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T Cypionate Cycling

I’m 59 years old and have been injecting 1 ml Testosterone cyprionate for ten weeks. I lift every day, have good aerobic sex 3-4 times a week with my 34 y.o. Thai girlfriend, and have experienced no negative side effects of the Hormone Replacement Therapy. I’ve also shot HGH low dose every morning for years.

My question is: What happens if I don’t stop taking the Testosterone? What happens if I do? Will my vitality just drop and take a vacation until I shoot up again? Fuck that!!


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what will happen if you cease your hrt?
Well here are some possibilities:

  1. You will lose interest in your girlfriend
  2. She will lose interest in you
  3. You will no longer be able to have your ‘arobic sex sessions’ - you may using viagra or cialis, but even so, you will no longer want to anyway.
  4. You will lose interest in your appearance
  5. you will lose muscle mass
  6. your skin will become thinner sooner and sag more, and you will begin to develope fatty deposits.
  7. you will lose bone mass, your frame and posture may change noticeably.
  8. Cholesterol levels and blood pressure may lower, however your stamina and general feelings of vitality will digress.
  9. Your joints will begin to ache more noticebly. You will have lost that ‘bounce in your step’
  10. You may or may not increase your life expectancy, however your quality of life will undoubtedly be negatively affected.

The short and long of it is getting old just plain sucks. Personally, give me a gun when I turn 80! Who wants to spend the last 15 - 20 years of their life with a shrunken brain, reduced intellect, reduced mobility, living with pain on a daily basis, and the Only day to day concern being whether or not I’ve had a bowel movement recently. Not my idea of really living.
If Hrt, and HGH help reduce this, sign me up!