T Cypionate/Anastrozole Combo Injection Oil

New guy just started and did my first shot last Wednesday. So my first of many questions as I start my journey.
So I took first intramuscular and would like to know if i can switch to subcutaneuos with it being a T and anastrozole combination.
Can’t seem to find my answer anywhere about injecting anastrozole subq.
I want to split my 1 shot weekly into 2
And would be easier subq.

Is it a blended oil or are you just combining it in one syringe? If the latter, obviously you could just further split it into multiple injections, subq for T and IM for anastrozole. Otherwise I don’t have the answer regarding anastrozole. What’s your T dose per week? I do advise the split, twice weekly shots.

Comes from pharmacy blended/infused with the anastrozole. I take 200 T. Would love to go to twice weekly. Just might have to IM the shots.

No one does TRT like this, what are you supposed to do when the AI dosing is too high? You have no options only to live with either low or high E2, this isn’t practical or reasonable. The doctors that come up with this kind of stuff have no common sense at all.

I guess I’m new to this and I’ll take your word on it…but…like any Dr that prescribes meds, I’m know he moniters my blood work, and so do I for that matter. If it needs adjusted, he will. I’m 55 and take other medications for other conditions and have adjusted those meds before and manage well. I read and inform myself very well, and I trust him as do a lot of his patients and we have an open dialogue.
I can have him separate the two, but why.

Just wanting to go to two shots per week versus one. Just needed to know if i could do it subq rather than IM

I can’t tell which is better for you, some guys like SQ and some like IM.

Systemlord, do you know if you can take anastrozole injections subq? Haven’t found anything about taking it subq.

No one will be able to answer, AI mixed with testosterone, this is TRT done wrong.