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T Cyp Half Life Question

I’m traveling out of the country for ten days soon and I really don’t want to bring T and syringes through customs. I’m currently doing 100mg a week so I’m wondering if I could inject 150mg before I go and leave the T at home? I realize this isn’t ideal but I’m really concerned about customs. I think I’ll have quite a drop off but be ok?


Let me know how this works out … I find myself in this situation all the time. Androgel was easy to bring through …
Syringes, now thats another story.

I would bet anything that it will not be permitted in carry-on. Maybe if you ck luggage, be less issues.

I was thinking maybe put the syringes in the checked bad and carry the T cyp. (Although where I’m going T eth is sold over the counter so even if I lose it it’s not a huge issue.) It would sure be nice to inject and enjoy the trip without it though.

150 after ten days will put you at the same blood level as day 6 of 100/week.
Good guess.

[quote]KNB wrote:
150 after ten days will put you at the same blood level as day 6 of 100/week.
Good guess.


…I had actually ran the numbers last night thru the calculator that you posted the other day. Assuming that he has been injecting that 100mg/week for more than 4-5 weeks and he has reached stable blood testosterone levels, if he were to inject 160mg the day he leaves, after 10 days he should fall back almost exactly where he would have been with a 100mg inject at day seven.

At that point, so on day 10 when he returns, he could either do a small 40mg inject and then resume his 100mg injects on day 14, or just restart the 100mg on day 10 with the next 100mg on day 17, then day 24 and so on.

Does that make sense? It’s pre-coffee time here right now!..hebs

I checked with a buddy of mine who is a pilot. The get this request from diabetics EVERYDAY.

He said you will generally need to check the bags with syringes. Also said to bring a copy of script for “T” to avoid any troubles, especially upon returning.

I was told the only way you could carry-on syringes, is if you had a doctors order stating that an injection MUST be done while you are in the air. And at that point the flight crew would be holding your supplies until needed, and securing when you were finished.

I am thinking that if you have any A-gel lying around, that would get you by for the week.

Thanks for the help. I think I’ll inject 160mg before I go and call it good. I’m only in the beginning of injections again and my E2 is off the map so I guess it won’t matter. I can’t wait to have this mess straightened out. By the way, any Dr who thinks E2 won’t be a problem unless you’re over weight is nuts. I’m 6’2" and 172 and my E2 was out of range high on my last labs. Heck when my TT was 379 my E2 was 41.

I was just sent to one of those doctors we all complain about. My insurance company doesn’t like the doctor I like, and wants to start saving money on my medications.(I’ll bet) I am fortunate so far he has said he won’t change my medications, because “I feel okay”. I don’t trust him really and have spoken to the doctor of my choice that dialed in my treatment and will still see him if I need to.

I will of course have to be careful to not have two doctors writing identical scripts as that is illegal…
As I have said before, I had forgotten how bad inept doctors could be. I remember now.

TSA says to take your meds on board and to not put in bags that can be pilphered, lost or stolen.

Take the vial in the box with the prescription sticker. If you have that, a reasonable amount of syringes and prep-pads will not be questioned.

If you travel with hCG, you can carry in a diabetic med kit with a gel freeze pack. You have to declare that explicitly, put it all in a large zipper poly bag. If they want to inspect, they are to allow you to handle and display. You have a right to not have them handling your injectables kit with their hands or gloves that touch all kinds of stuff all day. You do not want your kit contaminated.