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T-Cyp and Low Blood Sugar


Hello All,

I am totally new to the TRT arena. About 6 months ago I tested my T level and it was at 286. I am a 32 yr old male, 5'10 weight about 220. I put on approx 25 lbs after I got married about 3 years ago and it's been a huge struggle for me to lose weight. A friend suggested that I jump on T-cyp, doctors of course didn't want to prescribe it because I was still with-in "normal" levels, but I had all the signs for low T. Prior to jumping on I did have love blood sugar, my average BS is at approx 86. When it drops below that I do have all the wonderful symptoms: sweating, shakiness, and anxiety, weakness, tiredness, very mild dizziness; difficulty with concentration; fatigue; hungry an hour after I eat, acid in stomach or heartburn/ acid reflex symptoms. So I jumped on 100mgs/every 7 days. I felt like a champion, workouts were amazing, never felt a pump like that in my life.

About 4 weeks in I started feeling the low blood sugar symptoms amplified. I was eating every 2-2:30 hours CLEAN but that didn't seems to help.

One day while working out, I felt the onset of what I think was a hypoglycemic episode. Tested my BS and it was at 64. I immediately had a high sugar bar and the symptoms still persisted. It was so sever that I jumped off T because I was so freaked out.

My question is (and I have searched the internet top to bottom and also consulted with my Dr, nothing tells me that T-cyp lowers BS in non-diabetic users) whether or not anyone else who is on such a low dose gets these symptoms, what you do to stop/prevent it, do you use any pre-post supps that help? It sucks because the T-cype positively effects my quality of life but the low BL issues kills me.