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T Cream/Gel Recommendations

I took 2 different types of t cream awhile back and it did not work for me long-term. I tried a cream mixed with an “hrt” base and a cream that was from womens international pharmacy. Both were 10%. From what I can remember the “hrt” cream boosted my sex drive/energy levels enormously for the first few days and then I started experiencing chest pains and felt much worse so I discontinued after a few weeks. The other cream did make me feel a little better in the beginning and then had some problems with it as before so I discontinued.

I recently tried Androgel for a few weeks and I have felt absolutley nothing. No boost in anything or improved health, but no bad side effects either. I was thinking of trying testim, but since androgel is not working that good, I am not sure another 1% gel with be that much better. I probably will opt for using a compounded t cream/gel. I need your advice on what I should try next?

I was thinking possibly a lipoderm gel at 10%. My doctor often uses t gel in the plo form, but she would ok with me using the lipoderm kind. I was also thinking maybe trying the “hrt” base cream again and just have them compound it at a lower percentage or take less of it. I am big guy with some extra fat, so this might factor into what works better or worse in my situation.

My current E levels are fairly high compared to my T. My estrogen level is around 43 and t level is 241. I also have low cortisol levels and are taking cortef.

There is something that has changed on my labs since I first tried the t cream/gel in the beginning, and that is my fsh level has went up. My lh and fsh were usually in the middle of the range, but now the fsh is at the very top of range and almost out of high range. I have also noticed weaker erections, shrinking testicles, etc. I am not sure if the increase in fsh and other symptoms means my testicles are not producing that much t anymore, but thought it my be important in terms of what medications might be better for me.

Could you please also mention where I might be a get some of these
formulas/prescriptions? My doc is very easy going and will have no problem calling in a script to any pharmacy in the US. Thank you for the help.

If you had read the stickies, that is what they are for, you would know that poor absorption of transdermal T products is a symptom of hypothyroidism. Read the ‘protocol for injections’. Do not post there, you can see what a mess that made.

You need to post lab work results with lab ranges so we can help you. There is a sticky for that too.

Low cortisol can lead to elevated rT3 that blocks whatever fT3 you have. You can have great looking mid range fT3 and rT3 can make you functionally hypothyroid.

You are very estrogen dominant. Transdermal T can increase E2, even if T does not respond or even goes down. The T gels are the worst as large areas are covered with a 1% gel. Higher strength T creams are much better in this regard as the application areas are much smaller. Read the sticky that concerns estradiol.

Some respond well to transdermal T, some well at first then it stops. Some simply do not seem to absorb at all.

Non absorbers need to inject T. Injected pellets are an option, but these are far from a perfect solution.

We do see guys here with messed up T, thyroid and adrenal levels.

please provide:
where you carry fat
what supplements do you take
what meds to you take, Rx and OTC
what other illnesses, history of infections or surgeries [not in detail] has implications for adrenals
do you feel cold easily
do you use iodized salt or have iodine in your vitamins
how do you react to major stress
any extremes of diet
fasting cholesterol levels
fasting serum glucose