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I’ve recently started working out with my sister’s best friend and roommate. I’m 25 and they’re both 21. So the roommate is hot, I’ve always thought so, but recently we’ve been talking and we’ve been looking at each other a little differently, as people. We’ve both said that we’re attracted to each other and we would like to hook up. The only thing in the way: my sister. The roommate thinks that she would be betraying my sister if she hooked up with me. I don’t think that it’s my sister’s business what we do since we’re all adults. Now my sister did get upset when she saw us hanging out and told her roommate that she didn’t want us to hook up. It’s not a theory about the sister not liking this idea, it was stated clearly by her.
My stance again: We go for it and my sister can deal with it. We would be tactful in the whole thing.
Her stance again: We don’t hook up because she doesn’t want to upset my sister.
My sister’s roommate and myself are both on the forum almost daily. We both respect the views of you guys on the forum and we thought it would be cool to get some opinions about our situation. Thanks.

You’re correct: It’s not your sister’s business as to whom you or her friend dates.

I don't know you, your sister or her friend AT ALL: however, I'm thinking your sisters got some issues. And she probably feels if you and her friend "hook up" - she'll become the third wheel.

I would go for it. You never know what will happen. Did she state her reasons for being against it? Is it because what might happen if things don’t work out between you two or simply the fact that it would mess up their friendship?Maybe have your girl to be try to discusss it with her- like a conversation.??? I would definately go for it though somehow.

Well, if you want to hook up, then there’s no way your sister could get in the way of that. Find out her reasons, and if they’re anyhting other than selfish, you might want to take it under advisement. But in the end, YOU are the one who should be making the decision (you meaning you and your sister’s roomie), not your sister. Ask her if she’d have a problem with it if they weren’t living together, and if that’s okay, have her move out. Seems pretty simple to me. Maybe I’m just naive…

If it is not your problem and not hers (the roomate), Then the problem is with your sister. Have the roommate ask your sister why is does not want you two to hook-up (be careful you don’t have something in your past that might cause problems). Have the roommate keep at it until she nails down the real reason. Women have much more tact than T-men. Once you have a reason, the two of you can work to over come the objection. Be warned that it might be sibling jealousy. Best of Luck.

I have a similar situation to yours. I’ve had a crush on one of my sister’s best friends for the past few years (I’m 26, she’s 23), but until recently I had been in a LTR so I didn’t act on it. I see her a few times a year at family stuff, so we were hanging out at my neice’s birthday party a few weeks back and I decided to call her up the next night to ask her out. She seemed really into that, so we set something up for that weekend. Anyway, she ended up cancelling at the last minute because of family obligations, but didn’t try to reschedule anything. I called her up once a week for a couple of weeks after that just to talk, but didn’t try to set anything else up because I felt that since she was the one who cancelled, she should bring it up again if she really wanted to go out. So this week, I finally asked her out again, and she said that we could do something next weekend, but I’m just getting the feeling that she’s going to back out at the last minute again like last time. I thought that my sister not being cool with it might be an issue, or that she might have had second thoughts about it, since she is good friends with my sister. Or maybe she just doesn’t like me. Who the hell knows.

Bandito that chick is wacked, she may have some issues that you don’t even realize. Take it easy, and maybe its time to let her go and what not.

There are literally BILLIONS of other women in the world. How many sisters do you have?

I would not do it, my sister dated her best friends brother. Well they broke up and my sister and her girl friend did not speak in years because of it. I guess she felt resentment towards her for breaking up with her brother.

Well, I had the opposite experience. I married one of my sister’s best friends from high school. The relationship with my sister was okay, but not great. After my divorce, our relationship got much better (partially due to a business relationship, but also much more).

If it bothers you so much, then just ask for your sister’s ‘permission’.

Ask you sister to join in the fun!

“It’s just wrong…”

GIve me your sister’s phone number bro and I’ll screen for you. :wink:

I would have to agree with doogie. You’re going to have to have some sort of relationship with your sister for the rest of your lives. I’m not saying ‘don’t go for it,’ just make sure it is worth it.

Go for it! It is none of your sister’s business who you date. She may have issues or she might be jealous of you. Anyhow good luck!