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T-Colostomy Bags


T-Nation is hardcore no more.
Gone are the days you criticize someone and they come back with "i'm going to get bigger and prove you wrong mother fucker." Now we are religated "He yelled at me on the internet. He's not constructive. Lets round up the wagons."

Its gotten so average here we had to hear about leg extensions for the 1000 time, in an article no less. I understand the need to cater to the new T-Nation demographic but c'mon, sometimes enough is enough.

T-Nation used to be about hardcore lifters and hardcore coaches. I miss that T-Nation. Bring back the times of the beasts, Goldberg, Big Martin, and the likes. Thats when the hardcore got the most out of this site. If posters like AA, X, Gojira, Sic, AG1, left it would be in serious trouble. They are the some of the last of the few.


In case you have forgotten, you still have one coming for that phony swan song of yours. Consider yourself warned.


For .99 cents you can get a four pack of pudding cups at wal-mart. Not the cheap stuff either, actual hunt's brand pudding.


Hey! I'm hardcore as hell, you didn't mention me!

I'm going to get bigger and prove you wrong motherfucker!


Easy buddy.....step away from the edge.

All things run in cycles, I don't think that a change in the weather is a precursor of doom.

In other words I do not think that we are dropping the 2K if you know what I mean.

Of course I was wrong then.


HAHA! Thats right mother fucker! If I did put you on there people would have said "he's laundry listing his boyz and trying to defend them." When in reality you fuckers are some of, if not the biggest fuckers on the board. Sooooooo.....who's advice would I take and listen to? Premadonnas looking to slowly clean clean bulk over 62 years or people who actually put on appreciable muscle?


Hahahahaha, you're gonna get your ass kicked PGA, hahahaha.

Yo Momma, take pics so we all can have a laugh.


My Vagina is doing just fine thank you.


I'm not going to her next show. She may stage dive scissor kick me!


I think that is exactly what is happening here.....


Gee, thanks for making me choke from laughing. Ass. Hahahaha.


Don't worry PGA, you're just on your period.

Rockscar, do you get a free cup of soup with a mug like that? Looks good on you though....


I don't know why but that picture made me spit on my monitor. Awesome.


Fucking funny. LOL.


Screw em.

If they don't have the testicular fortitude to tollerate a little criticism, they got nothing anyways.

Realy, what are you going to learn from someone like that?


I'm saving this one, ahahahahaha!


Did you read the article? It certainly wasn't "pro" leg extensions.

In fact, this is the last sentence in the article: "...if you want more bang for your training buck you should be squatting, not doing leg extensions. Factor in the additional loading that squatting allows, and it should come as no surprise that you'll see better gains in size, strength, and functional capacity."

The writer, Eric Cressey, also a competitive powerlifter, is rapidly approaching Elite status with competition bests of 540 squat, 402 bench, 628 deadlift, and 1532 total in the 165-pound weight class.

He keeps getting stronger year in, year out, mostly because he trains intelligently, not because he's a genetic freak.

We can all prosper from guys like Cressey and Robertson, who aren't afraid to delve into the science and sift through the complicated material and relate it back to strength training.

I have been following T-Nation since 1998 and feel that the quality of writers is at its all-time high.


HA! I might like that too much!


There's the Brotherhood thread you can read if you feel everything here is getting soft.

I find great inspiration in reading the Brotherhood thread personally.

It brings back alot of the intensity and "animalistic" like training.

You can always go over to animalpak.com and read the articles Wrath puts out, they seem damn intimadating.


I agree. Read the magazine and followed the site and I see no decline in the staff. The posters lately have changed, but the info is still top rate. Heaven forbid someone didn't just automatically spurt out--"SQUAT__DEADLIFT" If it did nothing else, that article put a very straightforward/scientific well researched bunch of information at your disposal to use or not.

This belongs on that other goofy whiner thread.

Just like who didn't know some PC person would bitch about female sexy training.