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T- College Man

I have a few questions regarding Steve Berardi’s “School Days”. First of all, for those in college, this a must read article. It is not only true but damn funny. My question though for a T-College Man, what would you consider the most essential supplements? Obviously protein powders & bars are a must have. If I can afford anything beyond that though, say one other supplement, what should it be? Steve mentioned spraying on some Androsol on the nights you go out to the bars to keep the T-Levels up. Do you guys think this effective or even worth the money? I have my fair share of nights out on the town so maybe it would benefit me? I am 21 and should already have high T-Levels, but I know drinking can put your T-Levels in the shitter.

If not androsol though, what else would you guys recommend? I cannot afford as many supplements as I would like, but I will always make room for some.

I was also thinking about Power Drive to benefit me in the class room as well as in the weight room, what do you think? Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.


If i had the cash to spend i would be taking M while i was at school for those “nights out”.

FYI, 4-AD-EC has replaced Androsol. I’d go with an MRP or maybe some Grow bars. Focus on getting enough protein first, which can be tough in college unless you really really like tuna!

My second-choice supp would have to be either Surge or Myostat (depending on whether you want to experiment on yourself or not).

I know this might sound off base to some T-maggers but MY number one supp after the basics(multivit, prot pwdr adn MRP’s/bars) in college was an ECA stack, not so much for dieting but just to push the numbers on days when school/life stress got to me.
Like many, I worried that using an ECA would start to become a “crutch” for me in the gym…but decided to focus on getting my 3 big lifts up consistently no matter what. It worked. My strength kept increasing for 4 years (increased bench by 200lbs, squat by 400lbs and dead by 300lbs) and I put on 40lbs of muscle in 4 yrs naturally never rising beyond 12% bf. I would use ECA 45min before workouts (3-4 times per wk and could use all semester w/out attenuation, didn’t use in winter or summer breaks). One 200 cap bottle of Ripped Fuel used to go a long way…
I know that the test-enhancing supplements of today kick ass over anything I experimented w/ but I have and will always appreciate the extra kick ECA’s give me in the gym. Maybe you will too…

Thanks for the replies guys. I generally get enough protein at school. I work @ Subway(I know its not the healthiest food, but its free!) I do actually eat a lot of Tuna though. It is the one meat at Subway that is not prcessed.

Why do you think “M” would be the most effective supplement?

Nobody thinks Tribex or Power Drive would be worth spending my money on? What about ZMA?

I guess I may just rotate the additional non-protein supplement that I take and just find out what works best.

Any other suggestion are welcomed though. Thanks.

I would put ZMA first because it helps with sleep so much and can be of great academic benefit from my personal experience. Power Drive would be next for the classroom. If you have to stay up at night to study or finish a paper, I would avoid ECA like the plague and go with Adderall instead. It helps focus greatly, the mind works better, and you won’t forget the material as easily. Don’t use it often though. Only after the academic supplements would I add ones specific to T, like Tribex and/or M.

I would say fish oil and or flax oil. Nourish the fatty parts of your brain.

This may go against everything college is about, but it depends on how serious you are about your gains and how much you really want to achieve. My suggestion - don’t go to the bars. Save your money that you’d spend on all that beer and shit. Maybe its less conducive for your lifestyle, but hey, if you want it, you’ll make the sacrifices to get it done. If you want to have a couple of drinks, go to the store and buy a twelve pack, have your friends come over to your place and do a beer nite with the guys (and girls if it’s not guys nite). Obviously you’ll end up saving yourself some dough (assuming you dont drink like a fish). Just a point of view to consider.

If you’re going to a “bar school” then you definitely need to learn how to pregame. The usually entails buying some beer and playing some drinking games with your buddies before you go out so you don’t spend $4/beer, $5/drink, etc. But I don’t agree with just staying in everynight, how the hell are you going to meet chicks that way? Pregaming is key.

I choose not to use any protein bars, because they taste like shit, they don’t fill me up, and I don’t think that they provide enough vitamins and minerals and all of that good shit. The only stuff that I use during the day is Methoxy-7 and ZMA at night. When I go out I eat a shit load of chicken and some oatmeal and then either some Tribex, M, or both. Power Drive is good, but I think that it is habitual, your body gets used to it and you need more to get the same feeling, so I don’t really use it unless I have been pulling all nighters, but if you are going to use Power Drive through in two MD-6 caps.

I don’t know if clintpatty was reffering to the little blue pill, but if he was, its prescription making aquistion a little more difficult. What works really well is ritalin if you can get the occasional 10 mg for writing papers. There is a “crash” from rit, but its effects are more noticeable and last about two to three hours, with a tapering off. It is euphoric to a degree (rally only if you crush and blow it). Works great on tests too. Like any medication it has its pluses and minuses. As for t-enhacement, moderation is probably your route, and I imagine Tribex or 4-ad the morning after would do the trick. I personally lost 10 lbs in four days due to rampant partying and a poor diet. Took me all summer to get them back. As far as classroom supplements go, rit is a great quick fix when you’re in a jam, and powerdrive could help during exam week when you need to stay sharp. Hope this helps

Powerdrive works great for studying for and taking tests. ZMA will make the most out of the little sleep you get during college life.
Surge will take care of recovery. These supplements should help out greatly.

i read up on alcohol and i believe it says that ethanol consumption lowers test through many pathways, one of which is forcing test -> androstenediol. soooo i think steves idea sounded good but is no go. As for me, im on a college budget so I’m bringing a)costco fishoil b)gnc mega man multi c)Nlarge2 10 lb bucket d) vitamin c. no straight protein, but THAT does cover all the bases for less than $40 a month

Yes, I was referring to Adderall, the perscription ADHD drug. It is more powerful than ritalin and does not have a ‘crash’. If you choose to use this, do not, I mean do not ingest it, snorting is the superior method for academic purposes.