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T Clinic That Takes Insurance?

I am looking to get into a clinic and a new one nearby claims to take most insurances. They are currently getting origional labs and reviewing them. Is that just a common lure to get you in then the insurance only covers blood work or something. Or visits but you have to buy the rx cash. Just trying to figure out what I’m looking at before I screw myself. I’m only looking at less than $150 every 6 months at the urgent care and pharmacy I’m getting my current script from

A lot of the reputable TRT clinics don’t take insurance because insurance is a big hassle for the doctors, they have to spend a lot of their time documenting everything just to get paid. That means less time is devoted to you and then you can expect the cookie cutter protocols designed for everyone since less time is spent on balancing your hormones.

You get better care when you leave insurance out of the equation.

That is true in some instances. To bill your insurance, they have to report a covered diagnosis, which in our case is hypogonadism. Your total testosterone must be below the range (250-1100ng/dL for Quest) and some require multiple early morning draws to qualify. If you are 300 you do not meet the definitive requirements of a diagnosis of hypogonadism. If they diagnose that under those circumstances and submit to insurance, it is fraud.

I definitely qualify i was at 71 when i started. Just talked to them though and all shots and treatments are done at the office. No outside testosterone. What a joke. I have been on methadone for 10 years and i only have to go there twice a month. Im definitely not about to make weekly or possibly daily visits to another clinic. Ill stick to the urgent care

I pay $200 a month and that should include everything ( meds and labs).

How else do you think these clinics pay their nurses, administering the injection. It’s about profit at your expense.

That’s 52 office visits per year, what if you go on vacation?

You will go through withdrawal and the vacation will be ruined.