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Ok , long story short, had a doctor put me in a walking cast without giving me a heel lift for my other leg. threw sacro iliac joint out of alignment and had pain in lower back when running. went to a PT did perscribed exercises and pain went away. pain returned off and on and went away when i did the exercises.

came back in september, localized to right over my sacroiliac joint on right side and hasnt gone away. went to a doctor and he said they need to do an MRI to know for sure, but could be herniated disk or pinched nerve. but b/c i am going into the Air Force as navigator i cant do it till im in (aug 2005) or i wont comission.

from an athletic injuries class i took my symptoms resemble that of piriformis syndrome and are nothing like that of a herniated disk, which is what the doctor said it could be.

I’m 22 w/ back problems that could ruin my Air Force career. and the doctor said i cant squat any more! I’m currently taking using cold packs(hot in 3 days), aleve, and doing light exercises that my athletic injuries book recomends for piriformis syndrome. I was hoping i could get some support from t-nation. Prayers if your the praying type, advice. anything.

William Fullington

Did your therapist do any hands-on treatment? People often get a rotation of their ilium that affects the SI joint. It is usually pretty easy to correct with a muscle energy technique. Then the key is to strengthen core stabilizers, stretch piriformis, etc.

My advice is to return to your PT if they do manual therapy. If not, find a PT that does. They should be able to help and I don’t see any reason why you won’t be able to squat eventually.

Let me know if you need any more help.

That’s great advice from Climbon. I also find that a lot of SI joint issues are resolved when a person includes more stretching, as well as PROPER activation of the gluteals and abdominals.

Had you stopped performing your rehab exercises when the pain returned? If so, I think you have your answer right there. Sometimes rehab/prehab exercises have to become as much a part of your program as benching or squatting for you to stay healthy. Hope this helps and good luck!

Stay strong