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T-Cells Off Limits Now?


Are the T Cells off limits now? havent been on in a while.


Alpha was redone and you have to be invited in by one of the 3 sheriffs. Prof X is one, and I think Alagorn??


I wish someone would invite me. But I guess I don't match the criteria.


Don't feel too bad, you aren't the only one.


Actually, you should feel really horrible. I mean, they let me in, for some reason.




now, wasn't this done just several months ago as well?


It was in what, August-ish?

We could always put in a bid for our own T-Cell.


Honestly, it's not worth feeling anything at all. I stopped reading in there after seeing a post by someone who started lifting in January of this year and only made it to April or May before falling off the wagon. Then she started again but fell off again. But she was "planning" to get back on it. This was probably back in October.

I'd been reading in there only rarely anyway because I don't like not being able to interact in conversations, but that drained what interest I had left.


LOL! You got me good there. :slight_smile:

Guess I need to get back to my Stormtrooper force-choking...


I should clarify that I didn't mean the above to suggest that there aren't outstanding athletes in the T-Cell. There certainly are. My point was only that member selection is not an exact enough science that anyone should feel badly that they are out while others are in.


I want a SAMA T-Cell.


Considering some of the threads lately, that might not be a bad idea.

I want a GEEK T-Cell.


I keep waiting for Prof X to invite me in. I mean, let's face it, it is BORING! A forum without trolls is like canoeing a river that is perfectly straight and goes 3 miles per hour --- fun for chatting little old ladies but not much else.

I guess he doesn't appreciate artists.




If we get a Geek Cell, then that can be one of the first threads. All about Star Wars!


Not Star-Gate?

How about Star-Trek?

There should be two star cells...

So we could have STAR cell WARS!!!!!1!1!


Star Wars > everything else with Star in it


Ringo Starr!


Now I feel bad for not getting in.