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T-Cell Invites?


How do you get invited into a T-Cell?


There are a couple posters that have the power to invite.


^Might want to ask X, PMPM or Lanky directly they are the only one's I know of that can help. I'm sure there are plenty of others but they are just the ones I know of.


By being someone like you showing progress on the boards without only posting in areas like Get A Life and the sex forum.

You have pics up and stand out.

Welcome to T-Cell.


Thanks Professor X, I just excepted the invite. I hope I can contribute something to T-Cell Alpha.


I begged a particular senior member for my entry. I kicked, I screamed, I cried.
They finally relented, but only after I promised I'd draw them an avatar.


EDIT: Why do I have the sinking feeling that disclosing this will suddenly terminate my membership?


See Brotha ask and it shall be given!


Holds finger over DELETE button...but then sees hamburger lying on table



If that were something shiny, you'd be a redneck. Thank God for ground bovine!


You should really make a short animated comic of X being in the process of doing something, then getting completely side-tracked and forgeting about the entire ordeal over the sight of a hamburger.


To my knowledge I don't have the power/authority to invite people to the cell. I don't think PMPM does, either, although I'm not sure. There were only 4 "sherriffs" in the beginning. Professor X, Tiribulous, maybe Aragorn? I'm not quite sure of the last 2.

Abuse of power! We should revolt against the Professor's tyranny! Who is with me?!?!


I've invited just a few,... I can invite for Alpha and BOI, but it's not like I go around scouting potentials or anything -lol. The rare times I've actually been asked via PM, I did look over the person's most recent threads just to make sure they would be a positive contributor. :slight_smile:



See this is why, I stick to the GAL and SAMA section. Because I have not a clue. I thought you three were like the Father, Son and Holy crap that white girl has a big booty.


I have no power to invite people to the T-Cell.

I think most people who aren't invited who should be invited have just been overlooked. If you are actually a lifter and are making progress, it's not a big deal. Send a PM to one of the dudes in charge. They aren't post stalking everyone going "Wow, he/she is really a great addition to the community!"


Anyone want to be in the V-Cell? Just ask and I'll grant you admission for $50. $100 if you are a chick and you have to change your avitar to a nude shot of yourself.





Yeah see 460 just can't keep serious long enough to help anyone I don't train with. The only time I make sense is when I I feel "stupid" is moving into the area.


I heard somethin' bout a white girl with a big booty....where is she?


I was about to say you need to be the guy in your avatar, which you clearly are. : )


There's a lot of articles I've really wanted to contribute to in the T-Cells. I've made a LOT of progress IMO, but I think my constant posting of shenanigans in GAL will ever keep me from being able to. Maybe one day!