T-Cell in Pittsburgh

loopfitt I’m gonna be there, I was checkin into ticket prices, I linked over from the steelers site to tickets and I found a place selling groups of up to 13 was the most, and they wanted 225 a piece for them. I figure we can watch in the parking lot if it’s gonna be that much, as bad as I’d like to be in there to check out the new field.

I’d love to come out an see the stillers play.

225 is way out of my price range, that’s about $350cdn. Oh well, I guess it would have to be the parking lot. I will consider coming if some other people from Ontario will be heading down.

Bumping this back up with a few questions.

First of all…is everyone still interested in doing the tailgate thing and who is going to be available that weekend.

Turns out someone very important from OH will be away that weekend and won’t be able to make it. Someone from PA was interested and unable that weekend also.

We could make this first get together a tad less work and just meet for dinner, lunch or whatever and then once all in the same place at same time plan a bigger event for next time. Cause there IS going to be a next time!

For future reference…there is an indoor water slide place near Lake Erie in PA. This would allow folks from CA to join us. Would also be kid friendly to make it family oriented.

OK, share your thoughts!

I’d be free the weekend of October 5th, and I’d probably be free any other weekend around that time.

Dunno about any other good ideas. I sure hope I’m not fat by then if we decide on the water park!

Hey, I have an idea.

Alicia, there’s this place called Caddie Shack that’s just a short drive off the Donegal exit on the PA Turnpike that has gocarts (two tracks, one is slower ones that go around a windey track, and the other is a faster one in an oval), driving range, and all sorts of fun crap like that. I think I remember hearing you can rent the entire place.

So maybe not that place, but something like it?

Just an idea :smiley:

I’d be in, it would be ultra convenient considering I live in da burgh. I can’t believe people say things like, “yins gon down town n’at” and they call soda “pop” here and rubber bands “gum bands”… Can’t believe there are so many forumites near pittsburgh! ~PorchPooch

Don’t go to a waterpark I’m bulking @5000 per day… I’m tired of being under 200… REAL TIRED

Dude, tailgating. Beer and meat.

I buy my clothes from Lonnie Iris.

Just let me know. I’ll check my call schedule.

Anyone else?

If school permits, I am definitely all for it.


Lets just draw a line in the sand and set a date. We can tailgate or cook out or whatever but lets get this bad boy off the ground! If you all decide on Oct 5th you’ll have to take lots of pictures for me!


Ok Gang…here is the deal. I didn’t ck to see what time the game was on Sunday Oct. 5th…but alas it starts at 8:30pm. I don’t think that a tailgate would be the best thing. I apologize for not paying more attention earlier and you can all spank me for it later.

Here is what else has crossed my mind. Here in Washington, PA there is the Steak Buffet or the Texas Roadhouse. Near the PGH Airport there is an Outback Steakhouse. We could just have our first get together be a dinner or lunch and some drinks and get to know one another and then while all in one place at one time plan another get together.
Suggestions on Dates or alternative ideas are welcomed from all involved.

oooo! I loooove the Texas Roadhouse. Their ribs are awesome! Good atmosphere for a friendly get-together.

Phatman asked about Dave and Busters…which is in Homestead. This sounds like a great idea too if the folks from OH don’t mind driving there.
There is a mapquest link on the D&B home page.
You boys from WV can car pool in with me if you want.

We also need to decide on a date folks.