T-Cell in Pittsburgh

Phatman and I have briefly discussed joining forces between NE OH and SW PA…the more the merrier!!

My training partner is up for it…Two local Vixens hanging out with guys from Ohio…not good T-Men in PA…You need to join us!!

Would love to hear from everyone in the Tri-State area (PA, OH, WV).

The Steelers and Browns play Oct. 5th. If nothing else we could have one hell of a tailgate party and watch the game on a portable TV…all about the company.

We are open for other suggestions and comments.

Looking forward to seeing all of you lurkers come out of hiding…and you know who you are because I have sent most of younz a PM already.


T-Vixen who never uses the word “younz” in public. It’s a 'Burgh thing.

Bumpity Bump bump bump…

You know I’m down for that!

I’m in.

Don’t forget about like 'is and like 'at. I’m gonna go warsh my pajawmas.

Hey Guys!

Can I come??? I’m normal in person, I swear!

Hahahaha, just kidding. I wouldn’t want to ruin everyone’s good time :wink:


If time permits, I’d love to do this.

Neil grab your “T” shirt and Grow and head up here. Wait a sec, your a Browns fan right?


I will warn you…my training partner is a killer hair stylist…she will be packing her scissors that day. Unless your name is Samson, you better watch that ponytail.


Everyone is welcome!

I’d be down, but seeing as I’m “stuck” in the armpit of america, i.e. New Jersey, for an internship until December, I won’t be able to make it.



Steeler Fans grill steaks not burgers. We have extra cash left over because we drink IC Light…the true first low carb beer.

Sounds great. I’m in, regardless.

I’ve lived in the 'burgh my whole life and actually consider it a compliment when people tell me I don’t sound like it. We have the worst sub-language, but yinz knowe we luv it n’at!

Theres a couple of us here in WV, at WVU, it’s not that far a drive to make, just as long as there aren’t too many Browns fans there, cause we can’t have tears at the first T-cell meeting. I’d still like to see Tim Couch end up in Pittsburgh now, Tommy’s gettin old, and I bet Plex and Hines and Randle-El could make Tim forget all about what happened in the Dawg Pound. Let me know if you guys can get anything set up. Try to let me know though I’ll schedule grad school visits around the trip.

Really? Yins mean I could come? Sweet!

Never been much of a fan of football, but I love tailgate parties! I’d have ta root for the Stillers since I’m from the burgh.

And yeah…who eats hamburgers? hehe So long as there’s water for me to drink :slight_smile: 'less yins wanna try my awwesome probiotic drinks lol. I can make kvass, but yins gotta lemme know if ya want some, since it takes about a month to ferment.

As long as you guys don’t listen to Myron Cope on the radio, I’ll be there. My dad is a “Stiller” fan and I grew up being forced to listen to him. Hmm Hah! I’m having flashbacks!

If anyone attempts to listen to Myron I will personally Bitch Slap them.

He makes me insane…YOI!!!

I am totally in, just like for the NE Ohio t-cell. Yunz bring some primanti sandwiches with ya. And Maiden, I never got a PM.

C’mon, I love Myron! I’ll do my best to prepare for the bitch-slapping.

What do I miss most about life in Western Pa. now that I live in SoCal? I miss Tunch and Myron (“mm-aah”) on the radio, Guy and Stan on TV, the first day of huntin’ season, and most of all the Stillers. Yinz have fun. Drink a Rolling Rock for me.

Sounds like a great time. I love the ugliness of Pittsburgh(that’s a compliment!). We have a city near here(Toronto)that is a lot like Pittsburgh called Hamilton. Hard working steel-town that’s not pretty to look at, but some of the most interesting people you’ll meet(that’s what I meant by the compliment). One of my favourite boxers is Paul “The Pittsburgh Kid” Spadafora. A T-Cell at an NFL game would be incentive for some of us Canadians to join you. There are plenty of us in Ontario which is not a very far drive from Pittsburgh, and I bet many would be willing to come down as a group to catch a game. NFL is huge here! There are many tour operators here that offer bus and ticket packages to games in Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburg, etc. We are only about a 2 hour drive from Buffalo, so we have many Bills fans here, especially since the early 90’s success. Here in Canada we have the CFL which sucks. I bet some All-State Champion High School teams could probably beat some of the CFL teams on a given day. The Toronto Argonauts play in one of the largest cities in North America(6-8 million people live in this area), play at a 50,000+ seat venue(SkyDome), and yet only sell about 10,000 tickets per game and had to be taken over by the league because the players were not being payed. I know you mentioned something in the Ontario T-cell meeting thread about coming down to Pittsburgh. That’s not a bad idea, especially as I mentioned if an NFL game came into the picture as it would be more incentive to head down. Is it hard to get a bulk amount of tickets for a game, even for the upper levels?