T-Cell In Florida

Is there a T-Cell in the Tampa or Orlando area ? Just thought there might be enough of us here around central FL.

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After this weekends visit to Orlando…I may be moving back there or near there next month. I will let you know…My family is there and bodybuilding…fishing…sunshine…and lots of cool stuff are as well! What area do you live in?


I live right in the middle of the state about 30min. from disney and 40min from tampa, right around Lakeland.

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so no one else lives in florida?

I live in Tampa… attending USF graduate school. I’d love to see a T-Cell form in Florida. There’s got to be more of us in Florida though.

Yep, I live in Florida, but not in your area.

I live in Tallahassee right now, but am applying to jobs in the central/southern part of the state right now.
I had started a Florida T-Cell thread about 8 months ago and from what I can recall, Nate Dogg and Jason Braswell are also Florida residents (that is unless they’ve moved since then).

getting better…that puts the count at 6…anyone else?

There are more, but they are lurkers!

I don’t know why it’s so hard to get a Florida T-Cell together. Is everyone that busy? Or do they not want to be seen? Or do we have a bunch of Florida boys who say they train, but are they really all talk and don’t walk the walk?

Jason Braswell and I are still here. Actually, Bill Roberts in is here too. But I haven’t heard much from him lately. He must be busy. Siscokid has been here since October, but he’s getting ready to move back to Kansas in two weeks.

There were plenty that attended the Biotest/T-mag seminar in Feb. 2000. Where have they gone?

There are a few or more of us in SoFla (Ft Lauderdale/Miami area)

I’d be interested to read what everyone’s training/nutrition regiments are right now.
Currently I’ve just finished Phase I of OVT and am in Week 1 of the 2-week 5x5 training protocol for deconditioning until I start up OVT Phase II.
I was doing regular cardio two days a week, but now am looking into doing some alternate forms, like rope jumping and sprinting.
For diet, I’m not being super strict, although I am mixing P+C and P+F meals and am trying to take in anywhere from 220-250 grams of protein a day.

was that a hijack or posted on wrong thread?

I’m trying to get a Florida T-Cell started also. I’m in the Panhandle, and have found eight people from GA, ALA, and North FL. I’d be willing to drive a couple of hours for a meeting with fellow T-Maggers. My group is trying to get together but conflicting schedules are keeping it from happening so far.

My thread wasn’t hijaked or lost, I was just trying to facilitate a conversation between us to keep the thread going. I should have been more specific.

Nate Dogg,
You are right in that there has to be more T-Mag readers here in Florida, just that they aren’t showing their face. If more people show interest we could hopefully plan a meeting between us all.

Hell, even if no one else shows up, I’d be willing to have a T-Cell gathering with the guys on this thread.

There are a few students that wanted to have one here in the fall. That is when they will be here for classes. So I know we can at least have a mini T-cell meeting then.

Otherwise, if we can get a few people together and plan a gathering in an easy location for all, that would be cool.

I know there are many Florida T-Men. They are either busy or staying in the background as lurkers.

I’m a Florida (Tampa) lurker. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to see the thread staying alive.
I just had my first letter posted in this week’s “Reader Mail.” After re-reading it, I realized I came off too sappy with that motivational stuff. While in a small way some of the transformations are motivation, ultimately my own goals and desires are what push me the most in the gym.

Let’s get some more lurkers in the thread!

From Tampa (sorta). In Orlando at UCF. Sorry I’ve been misisng lately (for anyone who may remember me), just been busy.

Hey, there, Gurux. Auburndale, right?

Sorry I haven’t seen this thread before. I wonder if it would get additional hits if you posted it on T&N. Either way, put me on the list of people who would show up for a meeting. Getting together would be a hoot!

Hey TT… yes I’m from big A-Dale. Its looks like most of the peeps postin’ are scattered all over the state. I think its about 4 from mid-Florida .