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Does anyone post in there anymore? Does anyone even read the thing? Or is it stagnant? Just curious...


Oh boy.


It is completely stagnant. It is a huge failure and I personally wish I had only listened to you and avoided its creation.

No one reads anything there and I fear that my ego has fallen beneath the weight of the disgrace that is that forum.


The Politics forum is slow today, isn't it.

Are you and AnnRandLuvr really one and the same?


I counted at least ten threads in the political forum that don't even have 100 views.


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I think it's time for some cat pictures


I disagree although I'm only 1 person but I regularly read through the alpha page when I'm looking for some random wisdom. particularly the "I can't prove it but I believe it" thread I really like. but that's just me.

and headhunter, what is that picture supposed to represent? it's a bit random


Hey Zues "El Saviour" Christe, what the cum-apple is your problem? You have, not ONCE, posted a single useful item on this forum.

Why hang out?


No. He and I are members of the Ayn Rand Institute and e-mail friends. He is a little more crazy than me --- for ex, he thinks Steve Fossett (the billionaire who disappeared) is now in the real Galt's Gulch. He IS a little demented at times. (j/k ARL!!)



I glance at it every once in a while and it looks like a big sticky. Your thread about having your man boobs cut off is always at the top. Is it indeed a sticky? My bad, if it is. It just appears to never change.

You guys should let me in there so I can liven it up for you.


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I don't know...I guess I put the pic in there because maybe the Prof (or anyone who's a member) could put it in Alpha to enliven a discussion.

I mean...Churchill worshipped trees. Isn't that interesting? Seriously, if you go to Alpha now, you can almost hear the crickets chirping. (And no Prof those are NOT noises in my head.) :slightly_smiling:


Holy shit, did you just tell HH that he was right? You're joking, right?


Makavali will be along soon. He's a sad loser with the time on his hands to do that.


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Despite not being a member, I read the T-Cell all the time. I particularly like the new threads about how certain members have trained, like Bauer's. Those are good reads.


Well, not everyone is a perceptive fucker.

Although I'm unsure of what your occupation has to do with anything.


After that last mess I left, a shame really.


The recent trend of profiling selected posters was a good idea and I find myself reading most of those threads.

That being said, it would seem the membership has receded a little back to the loose requirements days, though the trolls have been mostly kept at bay which is more important than anything else, really.