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T.C. Hits The Mark...Again!

Love him, hate him, or think that he walks around in this neuroerotic haze of panties, tank-tops and the Olsen Twins…T.C. is probably one of the greatest observers of the human condition of any writer I’ve ever read…and that’s no exaggeration.

He hit the mark again with this weeks “Atomic Dog: Six Feet Under”, as we watch the trails and tribulations of Nate Fisher, one of the main characters of “Six Feet Under”, as he tries futilely to suppress who and what he is.

Well…this week, the neighborhood must of thought I was GOING CRAZY as Nate 1) killed a snake and almost burst ANOTHER aneurysm in his primal celebration and 2) FUCKED (not “made love”) to his granola wife on a rock, bringing her to levels of ecstasy that she had not known in YEARS! I was screaming and yelling, and ALMOST ran down the street naked (not really) as I celebrated Nate’s “coming out”!

YESSSSS for Nate! And kudos’ to the T.C. for his engaging and brilliant observations of the human condition!

(T.C…I’m sure MANY of us would LOVE to hear your follow-up thoughts on this week’s episode!)


Just a shamless “bump” in the hopes that T.C. gives his furthur thoughts on Nate and the supression of who we are…


I hear ya Mufasa! I fucking love that show!!! And TC’s Atomic Dog this week definetely hit home. As for this week’s episode…do ya think Ruth (the mom) and Arthur (the apprentice) are going to hook up??? I dont know…it might seem crazy, but I swear I sense it coming.

I don’t watch the show, but it sounds like that Nate is the complete opposite of me. I’m sure we have a few similarities (most people can identify with some traits that TV characters possess or portray), but after reading TC’s Atomic Dog, I couldn’t believe anyone would lead such a life. He’s giving other “Nate’s” a bad name! HA!