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T.C., Chris and Tim: A Rant

Thanks for asking, doog!

I read, and am subscribed, to just about all the mags (including “MM2K”). This is one area where I don’t quite follow a lot of my “Testosterone” friends. Granted…I’m getting a lot less information from these mags, but it seems like there is always some little “pearl” or interesting article that I can pull out. Sorta’ like a lame “treasure hunt”! It also keeps me up with the Bodybuilding and Fitness trends of the general public AND the crazy world of bodybuilding itself. It’s all good!

Hey…Bill Phillips is GOOD, baby! He has P.T. Barnum beat by a MILE…and I bet even T.C. would say he is a marketing GENIUS! Hey…I briefly got caught up in the “Body For Life” thing…but about 1/4 of the way along, someone turned me on to “Testosterone” and the rest is history.

So…tell you friend “NO SHAME”…just move on to gaining the tools that will take his knowledge of health, fitness, resistance training, nutrition and strength to a whole new level!