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T-Boosting Stack

Alpha Male


Looking to capitalize on test levels before I start playing with anabolic agents such as Carbolin 19, Methoxy-7

I believe those are the two top stacks from Biotest because from reading the threads Alpha Male and M shouldn’t (not can’t) be mixed.

Any comments about which stack is better overall?

That is Alpha Male and ZMA is best or the extra ingredients in the RED KAT, M, TRIBEX has more fringe benefits?

I like Aplha Male and ZMA myself. Besides protein powders, these are my core supplements.

I agree with Dave2 sadly

Great Combo.

I’d say add the Methoxy-7 in with the Alpha Male and ZMA…but thats me…

Put in my order

Alpha Male and ZMA for uping test levels

Spike because I love that shit