T Boosters

This is my first post in here and I am actually kind of nervous about it. Anyways I hope not to get flamed because of my newbishness but here goes nothing.

I have been training for about 5 years now and yes I know that I am rather young still at 19 years old, but I think I am going to take my training one step farther. I am not quite ready to go all the way into the steroid/prohormone categories yet, but I am thinking about trying out some Test boosters.

I was wondering what you guys could recommend to me I have heard some good things about the product Promagnon 25 and Halodrol. Would doing a cycle of this really screw me up for the long term and what sort of PCT should I do after? Should I do the same sort of PCT that a steroid cycle would entail or would I go a little less but try and target the same results?

I have done alot of research regarding the subject but with little real knowledge firsthand I had to come to you. I have gone to a physician to discuss the matter and he says of course as most doctors would say although my levels are normal he wouldn’t recommend it. I know alot of people here are just diehard, clean up your diet this and that, but I am looking for a genuine response. Thanks

The problem with many prohormones is you get more liver damage, more acne, more side effects and considerably less gains. This is one of many reason real gear will and is always preferable.

Frankly, at 19 your endogenous Test is at its all time high. Just keep lifting hard and heavy and eating everything not nailed down.