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T-Boosters, Rubbish or Real Deal?


opionions or experinces guys?

there's loads out there but have any of you taken them, do they work?

If so which one's or one would you recommend?


DAA Questions

The trend is to outlaw t-boosters that work as they hit the market.

I've used some herbal stuff with no measurable effects. I did not have bloodwork done but I wasn't seeing anything special in the gym.

DHEA has some sound research backing it's efficacy but if you look it up, don't ignore the equally studied side effects.

ZMA can be helpful, assuming a deficiency in any of the vitamins comprising it. Biotest has a great ZMA product.

Look for products backed by university trials rather than clinical.


I'm a big fan of D-Aspartic Acid + Maca Root + Stinging Nettle with some optional DIM in there.


There really isn't any science backing up the claims that herbs can boost t levels. There's a few studies showing positive effects, but most of them are funded by compoanies trying to sell you something.

There does seem to be solid science backing things like fish oil and ZMA as test boosters. Curcumin as well IIRC (yeah i know it's 'herbal').


1st - Holy crap you are ripped.

2nd - Re: Maca and stinging nettle. Brands you're using? Also, awhile back I kept reading about a certain extract ratio needed for the nettle to be worthwhile but could never find a nettle product with a ratio given. I could be mistaken though...

Also, if it's not kosher to mention the brands, if could you PM me i'd be grateful.


AFAIK there is not much out there that will have a significant effect on test levels in healthy young males.

I have read studies on various plant and herbal substances that MAY have an indirect impact on raising T levels in human males, but nothing actually solid. Maca Pruriens seems interesting, but I can't actually find data explicitly saying that it would have a significant impact, although the claim is it does through creating more LH


thanks for the reponses guys. I've done a bit of research and found similar results. Loads of products out there but nothing concrete or that i'd be willing to invest my money in.


Rubbish unless you have a lagging sexdrive like a old man that is the only reason to take these supplements. you want a genuine t boost take steroids stop fucking around with bullshite hype supplements invest in a quality protein powder and lots of meat from your local butcher.


These types of questions will usually only elicit anecdotal evidence. I'm no different. I use d-aspartic, trib, Vit D megadose, to try and boost T levels from time to time. I have had positive effects from all, e.g. increased libido, bit extra energy/performance in gym, etc, but trying to gauge what is responsible for this is guesswork at best.

If memory seves me right Bushidobadboy posted on another thread claims from a coach he knows of a sports team who had increased T levels (verified through blood work) following d-aspartic supplementation). Forgive me BBB if I have misquoted you!

My general advice is to concentrate on the main variables first, i.e. quality food, hydration and rest. Ensure good mineral intake, and consupmtion of anti-estrogenic foods, e.g. greens, cauliflower, etc.

I genuinely believe vit D megadosing can work. I have tried a few protocols, including Poliquin's recommendations, as well as daily dosing around the 2500iu mark, but have switched to the formula suggested by John Meadows, i.e. 10,000iu daily for a week, then same quantity once per week. This seems to work for me.
I use d-aspartic acid (3g powder) on an empty stomach occasionally when I can be bothered. Strangely I have found the more frequently I use this the less I notice any effects, so I just use it now and again.
I tried trib recently for 7 days and felt my libido was way up. My girlfriend would verify this - although probably take the credit, and she may have a point!

Interestingly, I have discovered a supplement that's looks of great interest. I would consider purchasing this but would be interested to hear some views on the contents. I'm naming no brand, etc, so assume the Moderators will have no issues:

Mucuna Pruriens: 200mg
Fenugreek: 200mg
Diindolymethane: 30mg
Beta Ecdysterone: 30mg
Methoxy Isoflavone: 20mg
D Aspartic Acid: 250mg

Any thoughts on ths potential efficacy of this?


3g DAA with 100mg (2x/day) DIM and 400mg (2x/day) mucuna puriens per day is legggggit in my books.

waiting on my shipment of a divanil, maca, and mucuna based product though.


Yes, the product looks like a pretty cool natural T-boosting stack. My issue would be one of quantity. Clearly combining so may ingredients into one tablet has meant a very low dosage. Of course, there's nothing to stop you swallowing more - except your wallet! Damn, always a hitch!


way cheaper buying everything in bulk. whole stack costs me like $40 for 6 weeks worth. most DAA products combined with estro blockers and shit are 60-80 for 1 months supply.


They all work . . . haven't you seen the ads?