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T-Boosters or Creatine?

Alright, well, I’ve always been pretty small, so this deployment, I told myself I was gonna get big. I’m thinking that I wanna be around 155-160, and I could feel good about it. I started off at around 5’ 6" and 120 lbs 7 months ago, and have since gained enough to put me at 148 as of today. I want to try supplements to boost my performance because since I’ve started going to the gym, I’ve fallen in love with just challenging myself to do more and see what my body can really do.

I’ve never tried supplements before, but a few of my friends in the unit have suggested T-Boosters, Alpha T-1 and Alpha Male in particular, and the results have been proven to me through him, he’s gained around 40-50 lbs in the same time that it took me to gain 20. Another friend who is a little more hesitant of the boosters, suggested Creatine since I was so young and I was small enough that Creatine may have a better effect. I’m not sure which to go with, both are pretty strong, but I don’t wanna end up messing my body up, any idea which I should do? If either? Also, since working out, I’ve also lost my 6 pack abs somehow… no clue how that happened as I do weighted ab training twice a day, any suggestions how to bring them out more? Thanks in advance!

There’s no reason why you can’t take Creatine and a test booster at the same time. Some people say test boosters are worth it, others say they are not. I have no experience with them, so I cannot say. While your friend’s progress may appear to show the efficacy of t-boosters, it could be that he ate a better diet, has a different body type, etc etc.

The saying goes abs are made in the kitchen. If you lost your abs, it’s probably your diet, not your routine that caused it. Good luck!

Please read around. there is a lot of stuff holding you back and it’s not the lack of suplements

Ummm, creatine and/or t-boosters are not going to make you big. They will help support your training and diet. Focus on your diet if you want to add size.

If you want to add the supplements, that is certainly fine, but there is no reason to add a test booster at your age. Your balls should be doing just fine on their own, save the money and buy protein. Creatine however, can certainly help, but it is not a must and it is certainly not the deciding factor in your progress. Diet and training, diet and training, diet and training-- it really is that simple.

I appreciate the advice, thanks everyone. Right now all I have to go on for diet tips is what’s posted in the chow hall, which isn’t much, lol. I’ll read around for the right diet, any tips on a certain post in the meantime?

Squats and milk lol…

Why waste money on loads of supplements when you could just eat extra calories? (i.e better quality protein drink or extra chicken?)

Supps will only get shit out and do nothing unless you’re eating enough. And by eating enough I mean you’re sick of food.

If you’re not gonna do the time in the kitchen, don’t waste your time or money on supps.

Can’t speak for the T-boosters, but I’d recommend you pick up some creatine. It’s cheap and it works.

I agree with everyone else about needing to really consider your diet, though.