T Boosters in Women

I am wondering if any ladies out there can give me some insight, i am looking to take a T booster to help get my gains up through the winter, I am looking at A-HD specifically, i wondering will it work? side effects, acne, sex drive, clit growth? i don’t mind but want to know what to expect, also looking at natural ones that contain like tribe, fenugreek horny goat weed, maca… same question.
please any info would be great.

I am not an expert but I have personally used a few different testosterone boosters.
I prefer a natural Tribulus extract. Trebles not only boosts testosterone in women and men, but also aids in overall hormonal balancing.
Personally, I struggle with a hormone/progesterone imbalance and some other issues.
I use a progesterone supplement (topical) as well as taking a Tribulus supplement.
With a natural Tribulus extract, I don’t think you should see any side effects at all, however every body is different.
It will also help with mood, energy, and sex drive. I have never experience any negative side effects.

I have used some other supplements from some other companies that add a variety of ingredients and cost a lot!
I don’t recommend spending the money for the label, personally.

Hope this helps lady!


thanks for this thread. I had been wondering the same thing and bought a product with tribulus in it. I am going through menopause so I hope this balances me out somewhat.