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T Boosters at 17


Would it be bad to take a T booster such as Alpha Male at 17? Just looking for something to give me a good boost in size and strength but was not sure if it could have some bad side effects?

Thanks in Advance


No need, you're young and have plenty of T already. It would be a waste of money.


While I agree that the typical teenager has higher than normal T levels, I completely disagree with the accepted premise that they're all coursing with the shit. Honestly, the only thing you can truely say is that a teenagers T is higher than it will be later in life, but not necessarily high in relative terms.

To the OP, whats your reasoning for wanting to use them? IMO, I think that something like Alpha Male really has no empirical negative side effects, and, being as your in your late teens, I don't see how there's really anything but good to come from it. I tried them at 17 for 3 months and it just made me horny (hornier, really) and helped me bump up my weights in the gym. Plus, the forskolin made me a little leaner.


OP you've been training for 0.5 years??
I would invest in some creatine instead, 1kg for £20 last you ages. Alpha Male is very expensive in UK.


sooo do you like, work for Biotest or something?


I have been training for almost 2 years now but havnt updated my profile thats why it says 0.5 years.

Would it give me a big increase cause I really want something to give me a real good boost in strength and size plus to help me out with the program I am on and with football but obviously without taking anything illegal. At the same time I don't want to waste my money on something that wont make much difference.

I already take creatine


the boost (if any) you'll get from natural herbals like TRIBEX, Alpha Male is so minimal that it's only useful for us older guys who are at stage in life where our body's production of T is going down.
So NO, a teen does not need T-boost supps, don't waste your money.


Ok but how about a legal pro-hormone stack like LG sciences Trifecta stack. I just really want something to give me some good progress but don't want to take anything that will give me bad side effects, I know LG sciences say that there are no side effects but I was just thinking about taking them at my age?


Has anyone else used these at my age?


Anyone? I read the thread about pro hormones in the steroids section of the forum but these say that they have managed to block out any negative side effects so could the Trifecta stack be safe for me?


there are way too many variables with prohormones and side effects that are unpredictable. If you search the steroid forum for a while there are at least a handful of threads started by guys who got gyno or have had there HPTA completely shut down and had no access to a real PCT product.

Here's the problem. Yes you can legally buy a designer steroid or steroid precursor. However to run those drugs safely and to come off them properly so you don't fuck yourself over, you need prescription drugs. Telling your doctor you need these drugs so you can cycle steroids is not going to get them. You have to purchase them either illegally or stick to the grey area and buy them from chemical research companies (not illegal to purchase, but illegal to use).

Unfortunately guys who buy prohormones are not aware of these and get stuck with some nasty side effects for a very long time, if not permanently. Seeing as you still live with your parents I don't think they would be to fond of you shipping prescription drugs to your house.

My advice just buy an herbal T-booster if you really want to. Stay away from prohormones, and when you are 20-21 or so and still interested in gaining faster start researching steroids.

Prohormones are more dangerous than the "real" steroids, keep that in mind.


Give us some of your stats. Heights, weight, activity level, daily diet. Chances are your diet is off and when you fix that you will be gaining size rather quik because your test is naturally high.


I've used the 'trifecta stack.' MMasterdrol is good for preworkout, but is not going to do much for your muscles. M1D is basically ATD and high doses of DHEA which yes, does lead to aggression, high energy and decent gains. Formadrol is basically ATD. Overall not worth it in any way, and just because they say it's safe doesn't mean it is.

You should avoid anything even claiming PH or AAS until you're at least 21. If not you can permanently fuck your endocrine system. Don't worry about that bs, that's marketing appealing to your desire for instant gratification. It's not worth it. Get your nutrition down and your gains will explode.


Let me know how it works out for you I am 17 and I have been trying to decide the same thing and would like to know how you respond to it... If its worth my money.


Let me reiterate, trifecta is a waste of cash. Not to mention, if you fuck your endocrine you could possibly suffer from permanent depression, ED, and never see a gain again in your life, etc. How many times has it been said on this forum alone? thousands? At 17 you're at your test peak. If you mess with PH you are going to ruin yourself. Don't be stupid/impatient.


Ok so from what you have all said I have decided not to take it as it dosen't seem worth the risk. I'll give you my stats height, weight, diet and all that soon, got to go and lift now.


Dude you are 17 it is too early to even think about prohormones. Secondly, if you are worried about test levels see a doctor.


I wouldn't recommend hormone enhancers at your age, at all.

At that age, especially in males, you are literally oozing testosterone, it is beyond me as to how you're even considering the idea.

However, your body, your money; as long as your not hurting anyone go for it.


I can't see that my body can have so much test in it that I already have enough and pro hormones or even steroids would make no difference otherwise I would be making huge gains each month seen as I haven't even been training for 2 years.

Saying this I have already decided against taking them anyway and may think about pro hormones or actual steroids when i'm 21 or older.


Ok so here are my stats and diet, might be able to get some pictures later on.

Height- 6'2.5"

Weight- 190lbs

Diet- Varies each day but on an average day I eat-
Wake at 7:00
7:45- 2 whole eggs, 1 slice brown toast, 1 scoop whey protein
10:45- 1 tin tuna 3 slices brown bread, apple (started having another protein shake at this time as well on some days)
1:25- Chicken pasta, sometimes a 300g pot of cottage cheese(sometimes have fish and small chips if there are no chicken pasta salads at the shop)
4:00- Cottage cheese, almonds, banana
6:00- Chicken breast with roasted vegetables and jacket potato
8:00- If its a lifting day 2 scoops whey protein which I have whilst lifting (If its not a lifting day just 1 scoop of whey with 5g of creatine
9:30- If its a lifting day 1 scoop whey with 5g creatine
10:00- 200g cottage cheese
10:45- Bed

I am currently doing Curtis Dennis Jr power lifting program using the 17 week cycle www.bodybuilding.com/fun/dennis6.htm

I have had knee injuries so have only recently started training lower body 10 weeks ago at the beginning of this program but here is what I'm doing on this program at the moment

Squat- 85kg 3x4 (easy)
Bench- 90kg 3x4 which was easy so I did 6 reps on the last set
Deadlift- was doing 140kg but I found that my technique was off last week so I will put the weight down this friday and get the technique right

So my week goes like this-
Monday- Lifting
Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- Lifting
Thursday- Off
Friday- Lifting
Saturday- Off
Sunday- American Football practice or game

Anything else you need to know just ask