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T-boosters and acne

I would really like to try a t-booster, but i am worried about the possible acne. has anybody had any experiences with acne caused by any of these products: nandrosol, androsol, tribulus, and yohimbe? was it severe? did the acne disappear when you stopped supplementing?? was it worth it?? any help would be greatly appreciated…thanks

From what I can tell a lot of acne problems depend on your age and the basic fact that some people have a lot of trouble with acne and some don’t. As I have moderate trouble with it I had the same concerns as you but from my experiences with sups such as Andro and Tribex I really didn’t notice any advanced acne. My advice is that no one will pay a lot of attention to a few dots on your face if they’re distracted by a rock hard ass, and bulging biceps, give it a try…

Tribex = no acne for me.

Yohimbe = no acne, but made me very anxious and rotten feeling

Yohimbe isnt a T booster so acne isnt a factor with that. i never had any acne problems growing up, but androsol caused some slight acne around my temples and forehead, more so just after comming off then being on (bill has talked about this rebound effect before). at any rate it was nothing that any OTC salicylic acid treatment couldnt take care of.

I did have a little bit of acne when I used Androsol (70 sprays X2/day), however it was worth it. I had really good gains, and the acne does go away after a while. It was not that severe, but I usually never have any acne, and it was more on my body than my face. A couple of zits never killed anyone, but being weak sure has, so I would put up with the acne.

I’m 37 and not prone to acne. Used long cycles of tribulus, yohimbe, and prohormones from various mfgs and never got a single bump. Just finishing 4 week Nandro/Andro cycle and still no bumps. I do get a little cranky for about 4 days each month though. (kidding)

I used to have very severe acne until I used accutane. That was almost three years ago (I"m 22)

After the accutane, my skin was usually very clear unless I used prohormones. . .

Until I discovered guggulsterones. It is the absolute bomb. I have used androsol + trib for 4 weeks along with guggulsterones and have no acne. There is a study done in 1994 where 25 mg of guggulsterones 3x a day worked better than antibiotics.

I read on another board about a recent study where 5-10 grams of pantothentic acid worked as good or better than Accutane. Apparently in Japan they have discovered that many acne sufferrs have a b-5 defeiciney.

Nizoral shampoo has been used for years by steroid using athletes to combat baldness and acne. It interferes with androgen affecting the skin. Even duchaine recommemnded a few years back. it is now otc

Got very slight acne on -Androsol cycle,Androsol/Fina cycle,but not a hint of a zit on Nandrosol/Androsol cycle. I mixed andro/nandro 50:50-awesome results too! Acne went away on othr cycles in 2-3 days

I had a slight increase breakout on my back after using Tribex. Maybe three or four breakouts. Nothing severe or to worry about. Occassionally, I’ve noticed a few on the side of my head around my temples. That is the only part of my face that usually breaks out from sweating a lot in the gym.

I have good skin, so using Tribex is no big deal for me if it causes a few breakouts.

i have tried both androsol, and nandrosol with no increase of break outs. And i used to have bad acne when i tried those.

Not a bit from any of the products you mentioned. I think the first post by CiscoKid hit the nail on the head. Everyone responds differently; if you start breaking out just from sweating in the gym you’ll more than likely have it worse with a T-booster. You need to decide on your own if it’s worth it. Consider your age, the women you’re wishing to attract, and how much value you place on unblemished skin.

Hey Matt, what are guggulsterones? Are they contained in an OTC acne remedy, or found in specific foods? Can anyone shed some light?