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T-booster Supplement?

Several months ago I bought a bottle of SD. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, but I wasn’t sure if I could mention the actual name. I am 30 years old, so any more natural growth that might be affected (height, etc.) is in the past. My questions are 1) Is this supplement for real? and 2) At what point should I actually use it?. I was out of the gym for several months with and illness and and inguinal hernia. I started back about a month ago, but as always, I lost a lot of my mass and strength during my down time. If the supp is crap, no big deal. I only bought one bottle, and I’m willing to chalk it up to stupidity. If it’s good stuff, I don’t want to waste it or use it at the wrong time. Thanks in advance for the advice.