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T Booster Dosages--Single or Divided?

I was wondering about the logic of divided doses for T boosting supplements. So, does anyone have any idea what the active half-life of substances like Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycomo Longfolia Jack, etc. are?

What I’m wondering is, does it matter when you take these supplements once there in you’re system in sufficient quantities and for a sufficient length of time?

Will the active ingredients in these supplements cause an increase in T boosting hormone output IN GENERAL, or just specifically cause a short lived burst after a dose of the supplement is taken? I wonder, because all the T boosting supplements I’m aware of instruct people to take two daily doses.

If you’re only getting a transient increase in T levels from the use of these supplements are they really effective? Perhaps the half-life of these substances is such that you need two doses/day to keep blood levels elevated?

I think this could be one for Bill Roberts.


[quote]Christian Thibaudeau wrote:
bballsavant wrote:
Hey Coach

Do you recommend taking TRIBEX the same way as Alpha Male, with the full dose before bed or splitting it up to morning and night like the label says? Thanks.

All before bed.[/quote]


Yeah I know this does not answer your question.

redgladiator, thanks for the info though. Actually, that’s how I’ve been doing it; reasoning that the majority of youre T production is during sleep and in the early morning.