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T-boost for older man

I’ve been trying to find a good t-booster (legal) for my father, 65 years old. He’s interested, but suspicious. I think 4-ad-ec would be great, but he has concerns about prostate enlargement and cancer…and for every study I show him supporting one notion he can pop out another showing the opposite.

so, now I’m thinking about ZMA, Tribex, and M. Anyone have any ideas which might be the most appropriate for him to try, assuming he’ll only try one? Anyone in this age group with related experience? Thanks in advance.

You want something that would boost his natural T-levels and that he could use long term. Tribex fits that bill. He could take it 5 days on, weekends off, forever if he wanted. ZMA is also good, but only boosts T if he’s deficient in zinc or magnesium - but a lot of people are!

Agree that if he’s only going to take one Tribex would be the way to go.