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T -Boned. Need Your Advice

  • If at anytime you get tried of reading what I wrote, or you think it is too long to read- if you just want to answer my question look for the * below

Last week on the 27th I was on my way to the gym when a young girl hit me. I was T-boned. She caused the accident. I am very grateful that I did not see her car coming my way because I did not tense up, and I believe that the fact I was not tense has greatly reduced the impact of my injuries. Speaking of which this is what I have been dealing with since the accident: horrible head aches almost every day, neck, back, & shoulder pain. Let me clarify this. My neck hurts when I shake my head. My back hurts when I move my shoulders back. My shoulder hurts sometimes when I wake up and I have been sleeping on it which is not normal for me.

After the accident I went to the ER and had a cat scan on my brain and neck. The cat scan come back normal. Today I went to my doctor. I am going to get physical therapy. I also go to a very good chiropractor when needed, so I am going to be visiting him soon too.


1) When is it too early to weight train after a car accident?
2) After a car accident with injuries like mine what advice/suggestion/s would you give me relating returning to weight training?
3) Is there anything that you feel I should avoid pertaining to weight training until I have completely recovered?

I have never been in a serious accident. Although, my accident was not as serious as most others are.

I don't work, but do volunteer work so I was able to stay home. I went to the gym after taking a week off just staying at home for the most part and relaxing & tending to my injuries. My neck feels much better than the day of the accident, but still hurts as I mentioned above. My level of pain is about a 6- 10 being horrible pain & 1 being not much pain at all. Today I only worked out my chest and shoulders. The most I lift is 10 pounds for these two areas for my body. (I know I am not very strong) While working out on a chest machine one of my shoulders began to hurt so I stopped lifting on that machine.

I know that you can't feel my pain, so maybe it is stupid to be asking you the questions above. However, know this, I wouldn't even consider going back to the gym to weight train if I thought I was delaying my recovery. At the same time I want to be sure that I don't reinjure myself, which led me to write this post.

Thank you in advance for any replies to this post.


1) Your medical team will let you know.
2) Your medical team will be able to give you advice and suggestions
3) Your medical team will let you know what activities you're cleared for and when.

I hope you have a quick recovery.

<------------- Not a medical professional.


Is there going to be litigation? The reality is, if you are hurt worse than you realize right now, the other side will blame the weight training if your condition worsens unless weight training is part of an approved rehab plan. The bottom line is, follow your doctors' advise to the letter and get the doctors to sign off on any rehab plan that includes weight training. For a number of reasons.


Anyone who is qualified to give you actual good advice wouldn't be dumb enough to do so via the internet basing it off the scant information you've provided (ie, without having seen you).

Do what the docs say.


Agreed with above.

<------------- 20+ year Medical professional.


I've just reported you to the AMA for impersonating a doctor, Doctor.

Pretty soon your area of expertise will be rectal.
Enjoy your sentence.


Thanks everyone for your advice.


Late to the game here, but like everyone else I think you should wait until you know you're okay, Glittergirl.

And welcome to TNation!


Are you in a no-fault state? If so you have probably filed an injury claim with your insurance. My no-fault coverage is good for $50,000 per accident and I spent that and some. Good thing I have decent healthcare insurance.

I was out of the gym for close to a year after my 2011 car accident. I had documented over 250 visits to healthcare professionals.
I have had numerous neck and spine ESI injections. I only missed 3 months of work. I'm still in pain management and overall doing a little better these days.

I would definitely talk to a lawyer ASAP. Document everyone you talk to, every doctor, hospital visit and do not throw anything away.


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