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T-Bomb II

Has anybody tried this stuff? Or heard about it from any people who have. Thanks


I saw this thread here that past couple days and decided to do a quick analysis of what’s in “T-Bomb II” and how effective it should be based on the components. Overall here, you’ll get a negative response on here telling you to take Alpha Male or TRIBEX instead. Seeing as many people attest to the benefits of these supplements and the amount of ingredients, I’d have to agree. Here’s what I’ve gathered for T-Bomb II.

#1 - A ZMA complex without any vitamin B6. This is probably partly responsible for the “testosterone increase accountable.” --Basically you there’s a half-assed ZMA.

#2 - Tribulus, meant to increase LH. From my experience with Tribulus, I can attest to its benefits. However, the amount and extract standardization is so low, it will not be effective for you. (Alpha Male contains pharmaceutical grade Tribulus).

#3 - There is a laundry list of ingredients after Tribulus, some of them cross over with Alpha Male, but all in too small quanities to matter.

#4 - Flax+Aminos+NADH+linoleic acid - This is basically fats, some aminos, and an product that is an enzyme in the body. Bottom line, if you want flax and linoleic acid, take a fatty-acid complex. I’d only reccomend the flax though. The aminos, take straight BCAA’s if you need aminos.

Bottom line, this product contains tons of maybe effective or effective ingredients in small or useless amounts. If you really need a product like this, after you know you have a clean diet and are within the age range to use it, take Alpha Male and ZMA to get the same effects. Flame-out will give you some of the omega-3’s.

thanks itsthetimman, im taking ZMA right now so i guess its pointless taking this. Since i got the bottle for free im just gonna try to sell it instead of try it out. thanks again

wouldn’t bother with this shit.

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