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T-Bomb II Question?


I just picked up a bottle of T-Bomb II and figured I'd give it a try. I've tried other T-boosters in the past such as T3's but Ive heard some good reviews on T-Bomb II. Anyway, I was wondering if any one knew of anything that can be stacked with T-Bomb II and be effective. I was thinking of stacking the T-Bomb with creatine and whey protein. Of course thered be multi vitamins and fish oils too but the main thing would be creatine, T-Bomb II, and protein.

The main thing I am concerned about is the creatine and T-Bomb possibly not stacking well together. I know that I have heard bad things about stacking creatine with other pills such as Spike. Id greatly appreciate any incite anyone can provide on T-bomb II and this situation in general.


its fine to stack t-bomb with creatine, or almost anything else for that matter


LOL ... Stacking Protein.......

Creatine and TBomb should be just fine together.

Tonight, I stacked 2 glasses of milk and Ham.


You beast.


I stacked a few books on my floor to make room for a plate of breakfast on my desk.

I wanna be an engineer.


lol yeah i wasnt thining when i said i was stacking protein.. that was just plain dumb... i just wanted to make sure there were no problems with creatine and t-bomb together.. thanks for the help guys.


why are you getting a t-booster that has flax in it???


best advice i can give is open it in another room since the smell is worse than a football locker room.


lol yeah i started taking it today... the smell almost knocked me on my ass.... its not a pleasant smell for sure..


not to mention the extreme diarrhea. woof.