T-bomb any good?

Has anyone heard of T-bomb? I got it at GNC. Its suppose to be a great source of testosterone. I cant seem to get any gear around my area any more so I needed to try something. What is the best muscle builder I can get from this site. Actually maybe I need a fat burner heres my problem, I can lift, do sit ups run and I dont lose my gut, I even eat good. I even dropped 20lbs and the guts still there what do I need to do what do I need to take? Any suggestions.

Scott Banks
newest T-man
waiting for T-man group here in central PA

I think you need to read every single issue at T-Mag. Welcome to T-Nation.

I agree with Ko. You should most certainly establish a base knowledge of training and nutrition before you even think about supplementation. Furthermore, the more you learn about said items, the more concise and specific your questions will be, making them easier and less strenuous for the Forumites to answer. It is a process, however you will find that what you put in is what you get out.

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What ko said. Education is the key to graduation…

KO is right. If you still think that lots of situps are the key to good abs, you’ve got a lot to learn before you need to worry about gear. Welcome.

where in central pa?
i live in blair county.

#1~ Educate yourself by reading up on the previous t-mag issues on everything from training to nutrition. There is an absolute wealth of information for you to absorb here.
#2 Don’t EVER go to GNC (unless you have $$$ to burn)!!!
#3 Best of luck and welcome to the t-nation…

Everyone here who tells you to read every single issue is doing that because that’s what they’ve done (plus spent hours on the forum)

I’ll give you a little head-start though. There’s a guy named “clueless” on the board and he asks good questions and gets good advice (plus the occassional flame). Type “clueless” into the author box in the bottom and read the threads that he’s been a part of. It will take a little trial-and-error to figure out the forum. He’s had advice given to him as well as articles recommended

PS: read the FAQ too

Check out the current thread “T-Mag Newbie Resource” to get started.

Hey Scott!!!
How about a t-vixen from central PA???
Hershey to be exact. Where are you?

I’m gonnahaveto reiterate what has already been, hopefully, beaten into you by now in tha you should further educate yourself, and post more descriptive posts when doing so. The T-bomb in question is merely an oral form imitation of the heavy hitting A-1-E in Biotests’ Mag-10, albeit a sad imitation. Also, your pretty safe to steer clear of most GNC’sas hey are mostly jerk-offs that wil sel you some shit to make and extra buck or two. However if you’re ever on Purdue Uniersity’s campus stop by, as that’s my spot and I try to be an exception to th rule.