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T-bol Confusion

In the last three months I had made three seperate orders of british dragon 10 mg t-bol. The first order came in and the pills were light lavender (100 pk). A month later I ordered again and the pills were a mix of dark pink and light pink pills (500 pk). I think it was a mix of d-bol and t-bol. The third time I ordered I recieved light green pills (100 pk).

I have been using this company for years and have been very satisfied with there products. I also have seen great results. But I am wondering why the colors of these pills keep changing. Sometimes I even question if I’m taking t-bol? I have seen very similar to exact results from all three varieties.

I also know there have been some questions floating around about british dragon products right now. Could it be that they’re switching colors to distinguish from som counterfiets floating around out there?

If anybody has a legitimate explination for this I would love to hear from you.

Thanks y-guy

Here check this out
might answer your questions