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T-bol and Var


I'm looking to run a short 6 week cycle starting the end of the month to solidify and and really bring out the gains I have made from previous cycles and training this year.

My plan is to run ~500mg/wk of test prop, or ~250mg/wk of test prop with 75-100mg of TNE preworkout on weight training days (4-5 days a week). Originally I was planning on adding some tren ace as well, but I think I will hold off on that, I've be doing more cardio and don't want to deal with the sides, plus I'm not looking for anymore size just a really polished look. I want to incorporate an oral, either t-bol or anavar (finally have a legit source... I think), or ideally both. Has anyone here used both t-bol and anavar at the same time? Is it counterproductive and just going to fuck up my liver with minimal additional results to show for if I do both?

I was planning on starting the prop for a 4-6 days and then adding the oral(s) at appropriate dosages for 6 weeks. I'm just wondering if combining the two will be synergistic or if they will just compete for the same androgen receptors and and just put my liver under undo stress. Right now I am thinking just go with the t-bol, but any input is welcome.


Also I forgot to mention... frequent and knowledgeable contributors of the forum (reed, flip, cyco) don't worry about the basic questions, I will be running an AI from the start and my pct is solid


personally, i don't take multiple orals together (damn, that sounds odd..), but i think the risks are a little blown out of proportion...

i will say that T-bol gives wicked pumps, so if you're doing a lot of cardio, that might be an issue. but it is quite a bit cheaper, so that's also worth consideration...


Personally I have not ever ran those 2 specifically together but have ran var and winni and var and dbol together with little issue before. I dont think there will be an issue really use some TUDCA and I imagine you should be fine. If my liver with stood the DBol, Halo, Oral Tren run I did before my last meet I imagine you will be fine. Only thing I want to add is that I know you are running an AI but nothing bloats me like TNE does even with 1mg of Arimidex daily I could clearly see it happening. So that really may not be the drug to go with for your particular goal for this but, it is a great preworkout. Lastly, as Cyco said Tbol will give some pretty nice pumps so I suggest upping water and keeping sodium in check for sure.


Thanks to both of you. I have very little experience with TNE, I have only used it occasionally under the advice of someone I train with and I absolutely love the aggression and focus it gives me, but I have never incorporated it into a cycle lasting several weeks. Thanks for the warning, I might just stick with the prop because I definitely do not want the extra bloat. The thing I liked the most about the TNE was that it made me want to go super heavy and move the heaviest weights I could which was a nice change up mentally from my volume focused training (I am by no means a strength athlete and focus solely on aesthetics).