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This is Mr. Dudley Clyde. He’s a hardcore lil’ puppy. He’s now 7 months old. Dudley has a svelte physique. His typical diet consists of Iams Mini Chunks and Alpo Variety Snaps.

CMC, what in the fuck is going on? There’s no mention of masturbation, shaving, feces, clam or even boobs in your entire post and to add to the confusion, you’ve added a pic of cute little dog. Are you trying to change your image? It won’t work. Do you have any close-ups of the dog’s balls?

The dog’s balls are probably sitting in a glass jar at some veterinary lab somewhere. He was neutered about a month ago. I posted the pic because he, like his master, reeks of awesomeness. He urinated on someone who had the gall to try to sell me a magazine subscription at my front door. He also mounts (well, used to) every bitch within a five mile radius of our home. He’s hardcore.

Here’s my puppy, Caesar. He’ll be a year old in June, but this pic was taken in December. He used to hump everything around, but not anymore. Anyone else got any sweet dogs??

“Anyone else got any sweet dogs??”

Two, in my pants.

My dogs are stinkin right now after takin my shoes off.

zev, you’ve got two wankers!! Dude, it’s a miracle.

Forgot to post the pics of my Dogs sorry.

Cool dog, dude. They’re fun, aren’t they?

Here they are

Think I could borrow your dog to piss on all the telemarketers who call my house at 9 at night??..haha. Cute dog by the way. How much did he cost you?

“Sweet”, Zev…NOT “Sweat”…

Gold Bond.

“For gold is tried in the fire and acceptable men in the furnace of adversity”

~ George Santayana

This is “papillon”, a Papillon puppy 4 months old and a solid 2.8 pounds of muscle. He should get to be about 4.5 pounds when full grown. Not afraid of the Rottie next door and beats up on our 3 cats,

Hey, Tony, I’ll check his schedule to see if he’s available for urination duty. I paid $450 for him. He’s a great dog.

Dogs are so cool. Don’t you just love them?

Especially those cute ones with the girly tattoo on the top… :slight_smile:

lol don’t make fun of my feminism side. HEHE

hehe, you have a feminine side.

This is Kaiea (“Kai”). He’s an Australian-Shepherd mix. He’s handsome and all the girls love him. He’s not a big dog (~45lbs), but he’s strong. He can pick up huge sticks and logs and carry them around with ease. I think he’s into that Dinosaur Training stuff. He also wrestles with me and gets a workout outside. He’s on Science Diet to keep him healthy and strong, along with some good dog treats when he’s a good boy.

He humps all dogs, male or female. His “girlfriend” is a Boxer/Ridgeback mix that weighs about 90lbs, and he humps her like there is no tomorrow. But he doesn’t discriminate and humps other dogs too. And sometimes he tries to hump me.

Here’s my girl and Kai.