T-Bar Row Apparatus

I’m trying to find one of those devices that allows you to do t-bar rows with a barbell, without putting a barbell in the corner. The guy who runs the university gym where I lift at has agreed to get one provided it’s not too expensive now that he’s had to replace 2 mirrors from the barbell slipping out of the corner.

I know that you can use the landmine that westside sells, but that is a little pricey, and I was hoping to be able to offer a cheap alternative. I’ve tried looking around, but I don’t know what to search for.

Any ideas?


That’s basically what I was looking for, but I was hoping for a cheaper one, and it only has to have one sleeve for one bar.

This is the attachment that I have with my weight set and bench in the garage. I purchased it from ‘Play it again Sports’ but I see the same thing offered on other sites like the one I listed above.

It works very well and can be used with either an olympic or standard bar. It comes with the handle bars and I have attached it to my plate rack.

Thanks dude. Exactly what I was hoping for.