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T at 950 Prior to Cycle, Now 540 3 Months After Cycle

Any thoughts on this guys?

I thought normal test level would recover more quickly, obviously my boys are not shutdown and doing work but I’m not quite back to where I was prior. I’ve done two cycles now of test E only, I’ve been taking clomid everyday since end of cycle and test. I finished the cycle in August of '19, tested bloods in November '19… Im thinking about testing again.

How long does it take you to regain natty levels?

Sometimes never. Your T levels are not fixed anyway. They can wildly fluctuate over periods of time. The goal is to regain normal levels. Did you check your TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, and SHBG?

Yes I’d have to review the paperwork but I know my LH and E2 were high. Have you seen your levels fluctuate that much? Just generally speaking

As stated above, some people never bounce back to pre cycle levels, it’s the risk that everyone takes when doing this…

You’re still on clomid 5 months after finishing cycle?

I like to stay on cookie year round. 700g (yea, grams!) per week.

Hahahahaha. Damn spell check :rofl: I died reading that.

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Long story short. I believe I had low T caused by head trauma, T was at 270ng/mL. Doctor put me on 12.5mg of Clomid everyday and it jumped to the 900’s. I stay on it year round

Its not natty levels…its levels you were at while on clomid year round. Your problem is rather, why is the clomid not working as well as it did pre cycle?

Then the balls are not responding. Use HCG 1500IU E3D for two weeks to try and kickstart them.