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T at 280, Trying HcG. Making Me Weaker

Hey guys,
Really struggling here to find out what the heck is going on.
Age 44. 1 year ago my T was at 270. This year at 280. At the time of my exam, had a very healthy libido, High strength, high energy. Train in Braz Jiu Jitsu, and trained 4 days a week. Some days I trained 2-3 separate times. Felt quite good.

Main issue at the time was a lack of mass, at 165 6 foot, and a fuzziness mentally, word recollection real bad.
Doc suggested compounded Test cream. 10 days of use and felt tired, lower libido, not very healthy. Told Dr. and she suggested I quit cream, and go to HcG. Tried a Special tablet form that was suppoed to work and at 40 days felt nothing. Lost a littel weight, and had test redone- T was at 288. Really no difference.

Next step is HcG injections. once per week at 1,000. First week I felt I may have noticed a good bump in energy and strenth on the 3rd day. Had a real solid Jiu Jitsu class. next day seemed all the energy was gone. Libido still pretty low. did another injection this week, and I’ve been pretty tired all week, gained some weight 3 pounds since I started and feel Really Weak!

Jiu Jitsu class makes me winded just from the warm-ups- thats never happened before as I’ve been doing it over a year now.
I’m reading that HcG can possibly ruin your muscle mass, and I’m thinking perhaps I’m already to thin to be on any form of HcG. My body is extremely sore from training, and again, that’s not happened before-

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps my Testes just are not going to produce any higher, and it’s straight Test I’ll need to go to. In which case, I would just do that only with nothing else right?

If LH and FSH test low or at the bottom end of the range, you can raise your own LH and TT by taking a SERM like Clomid or Nolvadex. Clomid will cause some men to feel like crap, but most do OK on it. Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) is preferable if it works for you but Clomid is more effective at raising T levels. My labs dropped sharply when I tried to switch from Clomid to Tamoxifen, and they recovered when I switched back.

A SERM try is preferable over HCG monotherapy because it can restore your own production. HCG will shut down your Pituitary, making it hard to restart later.