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T-Animal released!

Ok sports fans, the incredible Hulk is amidst you. Today I had a testosterone revelation that still sends shivers down my spine. First and foremost, about myself; I am a moderately passive and incredibly easy going T-guy. I have no temper, none, zilch! Then this morning a testosterone bombshell unparalleled by the likes of a nuclear explosion happened…

Sitting at my kitchen table preparing to head out the door to go to the gym I was shocked by the sound of glass crashing to the floor in the adjacent room. A burgular, suspecting the house to be vacant, was en route to crossing the threshold from the outside to the inside of my house. As I stated previously, I am not in least bit aggressive, moreover, for the most part I am a rational thinker, but what developed in the next few moments shocked me. Instead of fleeing, I (ignorantly) in a testosterone frenzy dashed to the room where I attempted to pummel the intruder. Astonished by my presence he backed himself quickly out of the window and began to depart, however the mayhem was far from over. I Chased Him! I almost caught him as well! And had I caught him I would have hurt him! This is not at all in my nature, I have gone through some metamorphasis and I attribute it all to my training.

Is it possible that this mild mannered journalism student actually has within him harbored the capacity to harm? And if so could it possibly ever re-surface? Has any of the t-crowd noticed a change in their aggresion, not only in the gym, but in dealing with life’s daily demands?

Hell yeah Brother, with training comes a feeling of absolute power, which leads me at least to feel as if I can just rip anything apart that gets in my way, and despite your usually calm demeanor, you have been harboring such thoughts deep in your mind and that fool ass burglar came looking for it. Way to go, crime just dropped a full percent in your city I bet.

damn, too bad you didn’t catch him. Well on second thought if you would have caught him and beat him to a pulp he would have sued you. We all have a fight or flight mechanism and this time you chose to fight. Next time just run faster and kick his ass. I for one would like to catch that bastard who broke into my car, house, whatever and teach them a lesson.

Robusto, are you telling us you have never fought for something you believed in? That you have never defended someone smaller or weaker than yourself? Never defended yourself in any way? That when faced with agression have always managed to back down and not fight? That seems hard to believe, but asuming it is the truth, I would say you had better change majors. I would guess 99.999% of all college trained journalists are liberal, passifist, and socialist, and would rather report on injustice in the hopes it would stir someone else to action rather than dirty their hands and make the world better thamselves. You may have become a real man (T-Man) when you took it upon yourself to stop a crime rather than just roll over and report it. I commend you. I applaud you. I think if everyone would fight instead of run the world would be a better place.

Your actions were probably just a result of your hardwired fight-or-flight (parasympathetic nervous system) response. I doubt weight training had anything to do with it. I know plenty of people who have never touched weights in their lives who have reacted similarly in such situations.

I don’t know,I am just a lil more interested in standing up against bullies who bully freshmen in my tennis team,I like participating in more dangerous stuff now etc.
Does that count? dunno…

Hard to say you’ve changed, I doubt you’ve been in such circumstances, or so I gather from your post. But it was a very natural and commendable instinct to want to protect your home. I just hope there isn’t a next time for you and I am glad there was none of your blood shed.

actually crash I have a buddy who had his house broken into and as the guy was coming in the window he clubbed the burglur over the head with a shovel and killed him instantly. He got off scott free. If someone breaks into your home and could potentially harm your family - I would’nt think twice about takin the fucker down.

that is what I like to hear. But you never know. We live in such a litigious society that even though you may not be subject to any criminal action the worthless bastard sues you in civil court.

That of course should be an after thought. Hit’em with the shovel and ask questions later.

I know exactly what your are talking about! I am an extremely passive person, and in bad (non-life threatening) situations my mode is usually flight, or talking it out, but in 95’ when i was living in boston going to Northeastern I got off the redline near Roxbury and this cracked out scumbag tried to rob me with at knifepoint! Rather than run away I got enraged and beat the shit out of him, first with my briefcase, then the heals of my florshceims. Then, as a cherry on top, I gave the fucker the “sonny corleone” finisher, garbage, then the can. I didn’t put my real name here, as I am a regular contributor to the forum, but it was a small blip in the Globe as “Roxbury man severely beaten near red line”. I still wonder what happened to that piece of shit.

For gregbrock, the only liberal in me is the one I ate for breakfast